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imstac 01-09-2013 01:06 PM

Chankanaab National Marine Park - Need Cash?
Hi, me and boyfriend have booked the Dolphin Swim Adventure at the Chankanaab National Marine Park in Cozumel. There seems to be quite alot of other things to do and I was wondering if you have to pay for everything in cash or do they take credit cards?

If it is mostly cash, how much do you recommend? I'm not sure how much the dolphin pictures will be or things like locker and chair rental, food, etc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Jim C. 01-10-2013 12:32 PM

The pictures are where they are going to get you.. I bet its going to be $25 for a pciture maybe more. Most things can be purchased with credit card (use a capital one card or you will be paying a foreign transaction fee on every purchase) but you should bring cash to pay for the little things.
Taxi- around $10 to $12 each way., snorkel rentals may be included in the park admission (go online and google on Chankanabb and you can typically find a coupon to save money.) You might also be able to pre-pay for your tickets so you don't need cash for them. But you would be amazed at how fast you can nickel and dime away $40...

I'd bring $100 in cash in small bills. Get a waterproof case so you can keep your cash,credit card and cruise cards with you in the water. Make sure it has a cord that you can tie to your swimsuit so you don't lose it in the water.

imstac 01-10-2013 01:06 PM

Thanks Jim. Good tip about the credit card. I do have a Capital One credit card so I will bring it with me.

susanmaz 01-12-2013 11:40 AM

We use a waterproof container for our money, cards, etc. which we wear around our neck, under a T-shirt . . . this keeps it in place and not floating around. Works great. If you can find them, (Big 5 had them at one time), WITZ clear cases are the best. If you can't find them in a sporting goods store, they can be ordered from the WITZ website.

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