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pink845 01-25-2010 06:20 PM

Which excursions recommended. Has anyone taken the RCCCL excursion to both? One departs from Cozumel other from Costa Maya. Not sure I want to do both. Might end up ruined out. For Tulum, looks like RCCL tenders us to Cancun (Playa del Carmen)? and then buses us to ruins and then we have to take federal ferry back to downtown and cab in to the ship. In Costa Maya, RCCL buses us to the ruins 4 hours return and 1.5 hours at those runs?? Anyone done the excursions?

penny3333 01-27-2010 06:28 AM

Hi pink845, I can only half way help you. We did the Tulum ruins coupled with Xel-ha. The ruins are very complete and in a beautiful setting. The trouble is you will spend your entire day getting there and back. It is a long journey, but to me was well worth it. I haven't been to the other ruins, but have read the travel time is much less. I don't know how complete the ruins are and I doubt the setting will be as beautiful. Tulum over-looks the most beautiful water and beach, just gorgeous.

Jim C. 01-27-2010 07:10 AM

I'm in the same boat (cruising humor) as Penny. I have been to Tulum and what Penny said about it is true. I have not been to Coasta Maya yet, so I can't say anything on Kohunlich (actually have not heard of that one until now, so maybe that says something?) The beach at Tulum is a must see so if I had to choose for you, it would be Tulum. Yes it take most of your day, but assuming you will be back to Cozumel in the future (we have been several times now) then using you port stop time up is not such a big deal.

pink845 02-24-2010 06:00 PM

Hey guys,

Thanks for your advice on Tulum.
We are back from the Independence of the Seas and we did not do any ruins. We were lazy. We did not want to spend the entire day trekking here there and everywhere. We were ambitious in our plans prior to the cruise and when we actually arrived to book the tours, well, It was fun to watch everyone leave and have the ship to ourselves. At Xmas when we cruised we rushed here there and everywhere and consensus was to simply just chill on this past cruise. People who I spoke to who went to Tulum said it was a long day and were glad they saw Tulum - beautiful by the sea but had little time left in Cozumel. I did get off for a short bit though to purchase some amethyst. Great prices in Cozumel for semi precious stones.

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