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MCPayne 09-17-2010 07:15 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm thinking more about my cruise, and right now, I'm thinking after my excursion in Grand Cayman, I may stay onshore for lunch. In looking online at restaurants and a map, I seem to have it narrowed down to 2.

The first one is Paradise Restaurant by the Sea, at 96 S Church St. However, in looking at the map, this looks like it would be far to walk from the North Tender Terminal, so I'm guessing I would have to take a cab down there.

The second one, more convenient to the Tender Terminal, is Breezes by the Bay, which appears to be across the street from the Cruise Terminal.

Have any of you been to either of these, and if so, what were your opinions?

I know there's probably other restaurants in the area, such as the Hard Rock Cafe, but figure that's something I can go to here in the states, and was looking for a local restaurant to sample the local food, so to speak.

Dwayne 09-17-2010 07:48 PM

I have eaten at Paradise Bar and Grill at 96 S Church St. many times. It goes by different names, the sign used to say Club Paradise. I usually snorkel there too. Best conch fritters I've ever had. It also offers a beautiful view of the ships. It is a short walk from the tender dock and is located at Abank's Watersports and Dive center.

Look HERE for a little location map.

MCPayne 09-17-2010 08:14 PM

Thanks Dwayne. Actually in looking at this map it doesn't look like Paradise Bar and Grill (or whatever it goes by) is that far from the tender dock. For some reason I was thinking it was further down S Church St than the map shows.

LHT28 09-17-2010 08:32 PM

Try Hammerheads it is just past the docks on the water side of the street

Dwayne 09-17-2010 08:41 PM

You are most welcome. They didn't use to charge for snorkeling there. Abanks rents lockers and equipment if you wanted to do that. Here is another link. I go there every time I'm on Grand Cayman. I first went there out of curiosity because Abanks diving was featured in the John Grisham book and movie The Firm. I fell in love with the place and the conch fritters. You can see the place from the ship as they will be flying a "Diver Down" flag over the building.

Midwest Cruiser 09-18-2010 05:42 AM

We usually end up at the Royal Palms when in the Caymans. They have a restaurant, bar and all of the normal beach items. It is on 7 mile beach so it will cost $10 or so to get there.

If you google reefgrill you can look at the live webcams overlooking the beach. Later in the day you can see the cruise ships that are in port off in the distance.

I tend to look at the webcams a lot more often in the winter when there is snow on the ground here at home.

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