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cruzsnob 08-09-2009 07:57 PM

Anyone know if the aereal treks (zipline) in belieze and/or cozumel are available as shore excursions at the end of September? I'm traveling on RCCL at the end of September and there was an excursion that brought you ziplining in the rainforest (Belieze) or somewhere in Cozumel. When I've gone under my reservation on RCCL webpage, neither zipline excursion is listed for me to sign up. I know RCCL states that not all excursions are available on all cruises, so I'm wondering if they just aren't offered?

penny3333 08-10-2009 10:12 AM

It might be that the excursions are full? Have you checked on the internet to see of other vendors offer one? Maybe in Cozumel it would be ok, not sure about Belize. I'd say call RCI, but normally, they don't know anyting about the shore excursions. I know ziplining is very popular, so it might be that they're just sold out. Wish I knew for sure, sorry.

cruzsnob 08-13-2009 04:44 PM

Thanks, penny3333. I did call RCI to inquire and they told me that the excursions will still be shown even if they are full. They did tell me that some excursions aren't contracted on some sailings. I find it a bit strange, as there are other excursions that are offered at the same resort (Jaguar Paw) on my cruise, so not sure why they pick and choose what activity you can do if everyone's going to the same place! My travel agent suggested going to the excursion desk once on the cruise to see if they can book me a "special" excursion to allow for both the zipline and cave tubing that I would like (cave tubing and the jungle trek are already offered). I'd much rather fly through the canopy than just walk with a guide!

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