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Nat 12-08-2008 05:37 AM

What dining room do you prefer, we will be ten people and this is our first time on Carnival?
I would like to request one? Thanks!

LHP 12-08-2008 08:57 AM

I would suggest the mid ship restaurant only because when we had lunch in the Aft dining room...the back end of the Splendor was kicking up pretty badly.

It did a lot of "pitching" (front to back) on our cruises. This affects the back the most...where rolling (side to side) would affect the entire ship.

Nat 12-08-2008 04:36 PM

LOL..what do you mean by "pitching" and what did you think of the Splendor? This will be our first cruise with Carnival? Thanks!

Dave 12-08-2008 05:03 PM


what do you mean by "pitching"
Pitching is the bow-to-stern rocking motion of a ship, as in the bow diving into the sea and then lifting which causes the stern to drop towards the sea.

Dwayne 12-08-2008 10:43 PM

If a ship is pitching the middle of the ship is definitely the best place to be. The bow (forward) or the aft (stern) would be the worse for movement.

A good way to visualize this is to balance a pencil on your finger. Think of the tip as the bow and the eraser as the stern. The pivot point (your finger) would represent the middle of the ship as far as movement.

It shouldn't be a problem though under normal sea conditions. It can get bouncy under adverse sea conditions though.


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