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bubbles1209 03-26-2006 07:53 PM

10.00 per person, per day on the sail and sign card, is that taken off the top? example: Deposit 250.00 per person, per card does this mean that 180 is still allowed to be spent after tips? Also, if you are paying off the sail and sign card in cash, the carnival brochure says a minimum $200.00 deposit goes on the card for a 7 day that in addition to the 10 per person per day, or is that included?

cruisemonkey 03-26-2006 08:32 PM

Normally its taken off the top, but you can go to the pursers desk after the first day to see, or check you account on the TV. You can ask them to credit you back the tip if they did take it out if you want. My brother did that. If they take the tip off up front you are right that there will be 180 left.

bubbles1209 03-26-2006 08:35 PM

I guess in a nutshell this is what i'm trying to the carnival book, a 5-8 day cruise, the minimum deposit is $200.00 on the sail and sign card. I'm assuming that's per person, (which is 3 in this case), which makes it a total of $600.00. Then it says for tipping, the amount is 10.00 per person per day. That adds up to 70.00 per person multiplied by 3 which is a grand total of $210.00 for all 3. So my question is do we need to have $810.00 to cover the minimum deposit plus tipping, plus add whatever cash we want to this card? I know i'm annoying, but it's our first cruise and we want to get it straight. Thanks for any input

bubbles1209 03-26-2006 08:39 PM the 210.00 (tipping for 3 for 7 days)subtracted from the 600.00 deposit (for 3 people)? which would leave a balance of 390?

Cruise Specialist 03-27-2006 05:40 AM

The gratuity will be taken off of the initial $600.00 deposit. Some ships charge it on a daily basis such as in your case $30.00/day coming off, others charge it in full at the beginning of the cruise. You can go to the information desk anytime and check your balance and add more cash to the card at anytime, and if you are concerned about not having enough on the card, don't worry if your balance runs over your deposit, they will contact you to come add more money to the card you will find this out when you go to use the card and its rejected and you are told to go to the information desk, or you will receive a letter under your door during the night asking you to come to the information desk.

DJ Eddy 03-28-2006 09:34 AM

In England, tipping is not normal unless someone goes out of their way to help. Any waiter/waitress gets a fairly decent basic wage and therefore a tip or service charge is not added to any bills. When I went over to the US I understood this is totally different and so I always asked what is the correct amount to tip etc.
However when I worked on the Fantasy was disgusted to find that some passengers were going to the Pursers desk and asking for the tips removed from the sail and sign. I spoke to one guy from head office who advised me that 86% of people didn't tip on that ship!!!!! 86%!!!!!
Now I could understand someone doing that if they were from a different country and were not used to tipping but this wasn't the case. The cabin stewards were more or less working for nothing as they only got a very basic salary and then the rest came from the gratuity on the sail and sign cards. That doesn't add up to much when you are only receiving 14% of the tips.
I was lucky as a DJ, working in the entertainment department I get a good salary package and don't rely on tips, I did receive some which I was really grateful for as I wouldn't get tips here in England when DJing. I just felt really sorry for some of the crew on that ship and was told that it is the one ship that some of the crew did not want to work on. I have read some reviews on websites about the Fantasy and they mentioned that some of the staff were rude (perosnally I found a lot of the guests on that ship to be rude) but I do kind of understand why the staff and crew may have acted or come across this way, I don't think i would be 100% helpful or polite if i'm only getting a quarter of my pay.

Sorry, rant over

Heidi528 03-28-2006 12:26 PM

I'm one of those people who immediately ask to have the tipping removed from my card if possible. Some lines apparently still allow it, others do not. NCL for example won't just take it off at the beginning like Carnival did the last time I was on board.

My reasons? Gratuity is defined as: "A favor or gift, usually in the form of money, given in return for service." AND "an award (as for meritorious service) given without claim or obligation". I feel that if this is to be called a tip or gratuity, then the amount is up to me. Period. If it is a required amount that must be paid, that is not a tip or gratuity. That is a charge. NCL now calls it a "service fee".

Why don't the cruise lines just call it what it is and add it to the initial cost instead of doing it the way they are? When I tip, I tip according to service received. I don't like being told who to tip and how much. Example - on one recent cruise, we ate a total of 2 meals in the Dining Room. Just 2 meals. And only 2 of us ate those meals. So why am I expected to tip the same to the waiter as someone who ate every meal in the Dining Room? Why should I have to pay a tip to the waiter for the 2 children who never even set foot in the Dining Room?

I feel bad for the people who work on the ships and depend on tips. However, they know when they take the job how it works. If people don't tip for good service that's a shame. But tipping is supposed to be optional. If it's mandatory it's not a gift or favor. It's not a tip. If the staff knows ahead of time that they will recieve X dollars per person in tips, and that's written (almost) in stone, where is their incentive to EARN the tip? If I go to a restaurant and get bad service I don't tip. If I get good service I tip. Exceptional service, I overtip.

So, that being said, why is this archaic practice still going on? Why don't the cruise ships just build the tip into the price and pay the staff accordingly? This must be some type of tax related issue for them. Take in less money, pay less in taxes?

Either it's a tip and I decide how much, or they decide how much and it's a fee. Don't call it a tip if it isn't.

peachcrek 03-28-2006 01:19 PM

I do the same as you, I have the gratuity removed as soon as we get on board,I feel the same way the last cruise we were on we went to the dining room two nights and the service absolutey sucked, we choose to eat Buffet the rest of the cruise then there are times we could not wait to get into dinner to see the staff as they were over and above the service we expected I tip to the way we are treated and the service, the only time I tip the matri"de is if he has done us a favor like changing our table or something out of the ordinary unexpected, I do not like to be told, how much either if it is deserved they get up to or beyond , the ships are not under any tax laws the crew do not pay taxes, I have befriended a few officers and crew members and they are paid cash and no taxes, that is what they told me

DJ Eddy 03-28-2006 01:26 PM

In a way I agree with you Heidi, I would think of it the same way in my country England. I would tip someone in a restaurant if they have gone over and above what they should have, I don't see why I should pay an individual for doing their job, I am not their employer. However in the US i know it is different, and it is not my home country so like I said I always make sure that the correct tip is left. It just surprises me when American citizens who know fully well about the "tipping" situation in their own country do not think that tips should be automatically added to their sail & sign and are therefore out of the way.
Would you do the same to a waitress in a coffee shop, knowing she doesn't earn much?
I do think the expectation of tips and the whole being frowned upon if you don't tip, is a bit bizzare but that is because it is not done in the UK. I personally think that the employer's should pay more (talking about in the US aswell as on the ships) but they don't, dunno why but they don't.
It's 100% up to you if you ask for gratuities to be removed but I have seen instances where some guests (i'm not saying you would do this heidi)have asked their room stewards to for requests and had them running around for them, then still not tip. In those instances these people then complain about the silliest little thing and then complain about the rudeness of the staff. Is it surprising? I am a strong believer in good customer service as I have worked in a customer service environment for 6 years + but i do believe if you treat staff fairly you will receive the service you require, maybe even exceed your expectations. I always say you have to show respect in order to gain it.

peachcrek 03-28-2006 01:42 PM

we always take good care of our room steward I prefer to give him a Thank You card with his tip and more! as I know he or she works very hard keeping us all happy and as far as the bars/ bartender and favorite waiter or waitress we always tip them extra, we have made many friends with some of them and they remember you night after nite day after day, and they do take care of us I have been on 7 cruises and out of the seven there were only one that we did not tip the dinning room staff as we ate there 2 nights and we were not treated like the rest of his charges he left us for over 20 minutes before taking our order and we could not find him we had to send other waiters for him, there were other details but this was only one cruise, I do believe in tipping well as I to was a waitress and a bartender and I know the ropes and good service is the key

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