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daddyx2 05-09-2007 12:10 PM

Ok I am not a huge fan of CCL for a few reasons...Never liked the food, the place is a mad house...and the kids run wild...however I have not been on CCL for about 6 years now...has anything changed? I like the Liberty and the Freedom but I'm afraid to have the same experience as we had before. Can someone help me out?

PA Steve Rocky Mount 05-09-2007 12:32 PM

I can only tell you that food is an subjective thing. What didn't you like about the food? Sometimes people say "the french fries were bad". Who goes on a cruise to eat french fries??? Sometimes people say "that food was wierd...all i wanted was fried chicken with mashed potatoes". To that person I say, "Why did you go on a cruise in the first place? Why not hit the Colonel!". I've been on CCL 5 times! And every time the food was outstanding! Is it gourmet food? No, but Carnival never claims it is! It's food prepared in different ways than you'd normally have it...things to try. As for kids, Carnival is a family cruise line so you're going to see kids. But they DO have a rule that they enforce that kids must be with their parents. Is there ,lots going on...YES! If you want a quiet ship with not alot of things happening...try Holland America. And be prepared to be bored silly! Carnival is fun...bottom line. Gee, maybe thats why they call them the fun ships!!

CruiseDad 05-09-2007 01:18 PM


Originally posted by daddyx2:
Ok I am not a huge fan of CCL for a few reasons...Never liked the food, the place is a mad house...and the kids run wild...however I have not been on CCL for about 6 years now...has anything changed? I like the Liberty and the Freedom but I'm afraid to have the same experience as we had before. Can someone help me out?
DaddyX2, My daughter dances on the Liberty, and I have sailed on it and some other friends as well. Fun Ships do tend to be very active, running activities well into the night, loud steel drums on deck, lots of kids. Food is good but not high fine dining, I find it just right for me. I do understand that the ships have changed some over the last 5 years. My daughter started 5 years ago and many things have changed, but the energy level and activity level has not. The menus are somewhat expanded to include vegatarian choices and low carb choices and now have somethings that you can get any night, like a simple steak, or shrimp.
The shows are bigger but more standard across ships, more Vegas style shows, She does 5 shows a week now, early and late shows, used to be 2 shows for 7 days and 3 shows for 8 day cruises.
you will find the Cruise Director loud, boisterious, pumping you up, asking you to cheer almost all the time. my favorite is the 60,000 mile rule, "If they live within 60,000 miles cheer for them like a neighbor"
However, if this is not your style then stick with the ships you like.

daddyx2 05-09-2007 01:26 PM

After being on over 40 cruises with all the major lines I know the deal with the food....actually the food was NOT horrible...just normal food...however the service was not up to cruise or not..CCL did let a group of Teenagers in a balcony room by themselves...unsupervised. These kids were having loud all night parties and CCL had numerous complaints....the only time CCL did anything is when I witnessed one of the ghetto punks throwing a lit cigar over the side of the ship...then they came running. I've been on HAL and they are not dead ships at all...thats what people think but its not true...and let me say one thing about CCL night clubs...DEAD!!! In my experiences on cruise ships...Princess night clubs hop all night long...I'm not kidding the CCL clubs were boring and usually dead!! I'd like to maybe take CCL again..but only on thier newer ships and in the winter when there won't be a hord of kids on board.

Andrealovescruising 05-09-2007 01:38 PM

There are always going to be kids on Carnival. It's just how Carnival is geared. We went in February before the height of winter break and there were still babies, toddlers, young children, teens and young adults.
In my opinion, the dining room food on Carnival has always been served hot, aesthetically pleasing, prompt and delicious.

cruizinallthetime 05-09-2007 01:42 PM

I love Carnival Ships. But I am a bit biased to the larger ships and only when school is in session...that way less children on board. (I have said before - LOVE kids , have some wonderful ones of my own.)
I really like the food. They have some great dishes and some not so great dishes. But since the price is included, I don't get so upset if I don't like something. They take it back and I get something else...and always with a smile.
Since you have gone on over 50 cruises...maybe you should try Carnival again? I always say...Never say never.

PS Going on Celebrity Infinity for my Alaskan Cruise. Maybe then I will have another line to compare Carnival to.

cruizinallthetime 05-09-2007 01:44 PM

sorry daddyx2 - it's 40 cruises....sometimes my brain goes into overdrive.

penny3333 05-09-2007 01:51 PM

Now, Princess is my favorite, as you can read in many of my posts. CCL does a great job delivering what they advertise. There are more children on board, but out of the 6 cruises we took with them, I cannot say it was any more out of control than any other cruise line that caters to families. The ships have always been clean, the food was always good, the service was always friendly and good. Since I don't have a bundle of money, when I go on a cruise, I go with Princess because they're my favorite. We did Costa last Christmas because they offered the best prices. We had a wonderful time, but am going back to Princess for my 10 day vacation. We're going on CCL for the Cruise-Chat Charity cruise next August and I know we'll have a great time. If you're going to book CCL, you need to know that what they advertise, is what you are going to receive. They don't say, escape from it all, they don't claim you'll be treated like a celebrity, they claim they're the fun ships and that they are. Maybe try RCCL, they've got the biggest ships on the ocean and have the rock climbing walls, the florider, the ice skating rinks, etc. Best wishes!

Jim C. 05-09-2007 02:16 PM

I'm not going to get into a discussion on which line is better for you since tastes very from person to person and my idea of great and your idea of greast can be two very different things. BUT, I can answer to part of your question. CCL's food-

If you have not been on CCL in over 6 years, then I can say the food should be improved since your last cruise. We took a break from cruising and started up again in 2005. CCL had brought in a new executive chef and re-worked their entire menu. I think the food is much better now than when we cruised in 95. Not that the food was BAD in 95, it is just improved. For service, you will get better service (more personable) on the smaller CCL ships than the larger ones. BUT, the larger ships tend to offer more ammenidies. So you have to choose which is more important to you.

Dave 05-09-2007 03:12 PM

I used to count myself among the smug Carnival bashers who turned our noses up at the mere thought of doing a Carnival cruise - and like many of the bashers I had never cruised on Carnival. So then I booked my first Carnival cruise. This was in 2002 on the Pride. I loved it. Great food, beautiful ship, great crew. Since then we have booked a total of 6 Carnival cruises out of our last 8 cruises - and we have loved each one of those Carnival cruises. Of course, we also loved the two RCCL cruises too! But Carnival is really a great experience and they have always delivered what they advertised.....a fun time! Nothing more and nothing less.

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