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Zita 02-05-2007 02:01 PM

am I going to feel completely undressed??

gdjoslin 02-05-2007 02:28 PM

There is a dress code for the main dinning room. On Formal night you need to be dressed up. A suit for the guys a nice dress for the ladies. I have seen many women in pant suits.
On non formal night it is smart casual, no shorts, nice shirt and pants.
If you do not want to dress up you can eat at the lido buffett. You can wear anything there. Maybe even undressed! You will not feel out of place. However the best food by far is in the Formal Dinning Room.

I love cruising! 02-05-2007 02:31 PM

Yes, you will feel underdressed on formal night if you don't dress up at all. You could always not go to the main dining room and just go to the buffet on formal night. Depending on which cruiseline your going on, you could wear a short dressier cocktail dress or even a long dark skirt/velvet pants with a really flashy/dressy blouse and some nice jewellery. (on some cruislines things tend to be "not quite as formal" on formal night ie. dark suits for men instead of tuxes, outfits as above for women) Carnival, RC, Princess, Norwegian this would be o.k. but I would not recommend the above dress on a Crystal, QE2 cruise etc. Hope this helps, have fun.

Zita 02-05-2007 02:36 PM

So, my husband could get away with a nice suit? Or shirt, tie, slacks? I have nice outfits I am going to bring and can dress up with jewelry, I just did not want to go out and buy a really fancy long dress. Is it acceptable not where the long dresses to the formal night? Or, maybe I could...and we could rent tuxes on the boat? Thoughts? Do you know the cost to rent tuxes on board?

Dave 02-05-2007 02:43 PM

You don't need a gown! Something that "looks nice" is fine. Most women seem to show up in cocktail dresses or something like that. As for the men - he needs a jacket too, not just a shirt and tie. You can rent a tux aboard, but they are overpriced and really not needed. I used to wear a tux but have given it up because I prefer comfort.

Zita 02-05-2007 02:54 PM

Gown...that was the word I was looking for! Thanks! How about kids (boys) - do they need suit, tie, etc. Thanks!

Dave 02-05-2007 02:56 PM

We've always dressed our son in a suit, but a shirt and tie is usually okay for kids.

gdjoslin 02-05-2007 03:02 PM

i usually see the boys in nice pants, shirt and tie.

LisaP 02-05-2007 03:21 PM

I agree with the others. There's no need for a gown. A nice dress will do, as you described. A suit and tie will be just fine for your husband.

How old are your sons?

Zita 02-05-2007 03:45 PM

LisaP: Boys are 11; 5 and a 3 year. old daughter.

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