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Luv to cruise 09-22-2008 08:32 PM

going to Freeport and Nausau?

What did you do in port? Do anyone take a shore excursion thru island Marketing? What about an excursion thru Carnival?

richjester 09-25-2008 08:52 AM

Yes, we loved it.

In Freeport we did the Carnival kayaking adventure. Loved it.

In Nassau we took the glass bottom boat ride available near the pier.

Sorry, never used Island Marketing.

drlivingston 09-25-2008 10:09 AM

My tenure on this forum has been short, but even in my limited exposure to this website, the Bahamas excursion question seems to come up quite frequently. In my experiences with Freeport and Nassau on many cruises, my advice, if you are unfamiliar with the ports, is to stick with the cruise ship excursions. The Bahamas are unquestionably beautiful but they are also very poverty stricken. You, being the tourist with unending wealth (the way a lot of the locals see it), can often find yourself overwhelmed with things you do not want to contemplate. Others will disagree with me and that is anticipated but I am a big fan of staying on the ship in the Bahamas and Jamaica. Take advantage of the relatively empty pools and bars. If you must go ashore, only do so with an excursion that is booked through the ship.

Leigh 09-25-2008 02:03 PM

We went to Nassau a few times, once we went to Atlantis $$$$ and twice we went to Crystal Palace. We took a city bus for $1 which brought us there and $1 to bring us back. You have to walk down the street to catch the bus. After you get out of the market area find the street and just watch for the bus. Beach was nice, busy but we had a great time and the casino is very large.
We are going back in Nov. and will most likely go back

Luv to cruise 09-26-2008 11:50 AM

Leigh, So the Atlantis is worth going to? There is a shore excursion, thru the ship. I agree with so ports that are poor. Can be scary.

Is the Crystal Palace Casino close the ship. Maybe we can go after dinner. The ship is docked for 23 hours

Leigh 09-26-2008 07:32 PM

I would go to the Crystal Palace during the day, beach is great and like I said it only costs a buck for the bus, there is also a market right outside the hotel (Crystal Palace) that is not as overwhelming I wouldn't take the bus at night though. The Atlantis is worth seeing for sure, it is very expensive especially if you do any of the tours I would go there at night if you are looking for a casino. You can get a cab right outside the port that will take you to the Atlantis. When we were there the 24 hrs, once we got back on the boat we were there for the night, which is the safest way in my opinion. You would have time to do both while it was still light.
Good luck and enjoy.

jeb1dad 09-30-2008 03:52 PM

My wife and I did the 4 day Bahama trip on the Sensation in Jan 2006. We had a wonderful time. Originally booked an oceanview and then upgraded to a balcony when the price dropped. Be warned the balcony is small, if someone needs to go inside then both have to get up and move. The balcony is only 3 +/- ft deep, but it is worth it. We enjoyed room service breakfasts and evening cocktails on the balcony The food was very good, not NYC 5 star, but as good and better then we get at a restaurant in Upstate NY. Room service was excellent. we got off the ship in Freeport and then got right back on. Nassau was a nice walking city, we felt very safe and the people were very polite. If this is your first cruise, I think you will enjoy it.

kcj693 10-17-2008 07:10 PM

Try the bottom fishing in Freeport. It was awesome. In one hundred feet of water, you could see the bottom no problem.

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