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CruisinNewbie 02-15-2007 02:00 PM

I'm wondering if a notarized letter of permission from an absent parent is needed if you have a birth certificate and passport for the child?

My husband and I have custody of our step-son, age 17 and his mother is not being cooperative in sending a notarized letter of permission. 9We've requested several times with no answer) He has the same last name as us, and his application for a passport went through and we do have that in hand as well as his birth certificate.

Any thoughts would be appreciated........

Dave 02-15-2007 02:09 PM

This could be confusing, but I'd say if he has a passport with your last name it shouldn't be a problem. Have you looked at the requirements for the cruise line, and perhaps at the State Department website?

Dave 02-15-2007 02:15 PM

Another thing - if you and your husband have total legal custody then it shouldn't be a problem. The problems develop when custody is shared.

CruisinNewbie 02-15-2007 02:18 PM

Hi Dave-

I've checked the passport website and just read pre-passport instructions but I don't find anything listing travel requirements once a passport is in hand. Carnival's instructions strongly recommend a notarized, signed letter of permission from the other parent.

I'm leaning on the side of there should be no problems since my husband is the custodial parent and not needing her signature for his approved passport application in the first place....but I don't want to chance ruining our vacation either...........

CruisinNewbie 02-15-2007 02:20 PM

My husband is the custodial parent listed for legal purposes. She has visitation.

Dave 02-15-2007 03:07 PM

I'd bring along a copy of the court decree granting sole custody to your husband just to be safe.

gdjoslin 02-15-2007 06:03 PM

That can be a very sticky thing when going out of country. Our sons has to leave permission for his wife (they are married) to leave the county. He is in the Navy and usually has a check list, she travel with the kids to Japan when he ships out.
An old room mate of mine had sole custody og his daughter, but he could not take his daughter to Canada without his x"s permission. My X brother in law got in trouble to taking his kids out of the COUNTY. A mad X can make thing very very bad. I would get your ducks in a row before trying to take them out of country.

Bem1962 02-15-2007 06:14 PM

Guess I am not following why you need permission written, The mother had to give consent for a minor child to obtain a passport, so permission granted,.

gdjoslin 02-15-2007 07:14 PM

Then why does customs required our daughter-in-law have a notarized letter from our son? Just because they have a passport it does not mean permission by both parents was given. It kids one parent from kidnapping the kids and moving out of county. It is the law. When she travels to Japan or even Canada she has to have the letter... it is checked.
My Cousin had a had time getting his son into Canada, she wife is dead. They talked to the son and let them pass. He now carries a copy of the death cert. with him.
Again you should get your ducks in a row before trying to take them out of the Country!!

gdjoslin 02-15-2007 07:19 PM


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