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Voyager2 07-01-2005 11:13 PM


I had a Wonderful time on the Fantasy! I had no problems whatsoever, only that there were too many kids in the hottub(couldn't get near it)! Oh will be kids! The staff was very courteous & helpful, especially Juan, the bartender on the Lido deck. He's a very cool guy...I told him I'd show off his picture on my website! If anyone wants to see some pictures, there are about 80 on my site(out of about 1400)!! I took alot of pics, & still had a great time...didn't get too much sleep though.
The food was excellent, the shows were good(although I'm not too big on shows). It rained a few times, but with the warmth & humidity, it didn't bother me. The day in Nassau was great...clear skies...Perfect!! Although I got a pretty good dose of sunburn, I expected as much. The Blue Lagoon snorkeling excursion is highly overrated, in my opinion(I guess I should take up scuba-diving)! I was impressed at the size & steadyness of the ship. The motion was really only apparent in my cabin...still had sea-legs 2-3 days after I got back! All-in-all, I had a wonderful experience. It was everything that I'd thought it would be & more!!!
Did I mention the women??


shelby 07-02-2005 08:17 AM

I noticed alot of kids in the pool...I never got in..didn't look like much fun for adults.
We hit a storm heading out and the wind was so bad they closed all the doors out to the outer decks..they even canceled one of the broadway type shows for safety purposes and none of us got even a little queasy..i was pleased that even with that storm we didn't feel it much.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself..we did too..I think another thing I would change was the photograpgher at dinner. Here we are chewing..our kids had food on their face and he;s snapping what could have been nice pics.
I'm kindof glad to hear the Blue Lagoon was overrated .. that was going to be our coice and instead we went out on our own.
but all in all it was the best vacaion we've had in years.

Jill_John 07-02-2005 11:10 AM

Hi Rick,

Glad to hear you had a good time. My husband and I are going on our first cruise 9/4 so I would love to see some of your pictures. Let me know what your website address is.


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