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broomladyst4 04-26-2010 06:46 AM

I'm thinking of bringing small little bottles of liquor aboard what do they do if they find them. Hubby is fussing about it and dosn't want me to bring it on board.

Dave 04-26-2010 06:53 AM

It is against cruise line rules to bring personal alcohol aboard with one exception - a 750ml bottle of wine per adult is allowed. Our forum policy is to support the cruise line rules, thus we are with your husband on this one. As to what Carnival will do, you can read their rules HERE

Angela12 04-26-2010 07:30 AM

Past experience talking here, if you bring it they will find it. Don't belive those video's that show you how to hide your alcohol, the searchers watched them too. We saw a couple in front of us get every bag they brought with them checked because they poured out the mouthwash and poured in straight vodka. Later we were talking with the couple and they had got the idea off youtube. But we stoped at Cozumel and one of the shops offered this tequila fun in sun set which came with beach bag,beach towel, plastic cup, and tequila. They wraped the tequila bottle up with the towel and placed in beach bag.We bought 4, when we got back on the ship and was going thru the xray we expected them to take the tequila and store it till the end of the cruise, either they didn't see it or they missed it, I don't know which but we had 4 bottles of tequila in our stateroom for the rest of the cruise...too bad it was gifts for our grown children.So what ever you decide... GL

Jim C. 04-26-2010 07:40 AM

Yes, we support the cruise line rules here on Cruise Chat as Dave says. From what I have read, the Carnival cruise lines has really started to crack down on this. They have begun using xray machines capable of detecting liquids and searching suspected luggage.

You have to ask yourself if its really worth the hassle...

lsfield 04-26-2010 10:27 AM

Just came off the imagination and was amazed when we met many people who had liquor. They all say they did not even question it. Just carried it on. I heard you could bring one bottle of wine and I made the mistake of putting it in the checked luggage and they took it til the last day of the cruise. I should have put it in my carry on. Others said they had whole bottles of booze and were let through.

Dwayne 04-27-2010 02:16 AM


Just came off the imagination and was amazed when we met many people who had liquor. They all say they did not even question it. Just carried it on.
Welcome back!

I wouldn't believe everything you hear. If they allowed seen/detected alcohol besides the wine limit to be brought aboard without being taken it is news to me. I'm sure it occasionally happens, but that is not the norm. They have recently started being more aggressive in enforcing the policy. I know I don't want the hassle of dealing with it while boarding, or being called down to open suspected checked luggage.

Stay within the rules and you'll be fine.


Casanova frankenstein 04-27-2010 08:45 AM

Just a note
why do people keep trying to bring alcohol to the ship??
You are on a beautiful island, ask for any local RUM if you want to by all means get a good refreshing beer of your choice, and when you can get back to the ship bring the one you like best to bring it home with you.
I can't tell you enought cases of people falling out their balconies because of been drunk.
I have no problem if you like to drink a few beers on the cruise, well who don't like a cool refreshing beer, but there are a few buckets of beers that you can pay for during your cruise at good price.

Boneman 04-27-2010 08:59 AM

I wish that Carnival was more like NCL in that they allowed us to purchase a 750ml bottle of rum at the beginning of the cruise. The cost was around $45-$50, but was a whole lot cheaper than buying individual drinks and we still had about a quarter bottle left over after the cruise. They had it waiting in our room with a bucket of ice when we boarded. I have asked Carnival about this and they don't offer this service.

penny3333 04-27-2010 10:24 AM

There are some lines that will let you purchase in-room set ups. Not all do. It is for the very reason Casanova stated, they don't want people drinking too much and deciding they're superman/woman and trying to fly. I can totally understand not wanting liquor in the rooms. A bartender can refuse to serve someone who has had too much. Not all will drink too much and become idiotic, but the few who have, have ruined it for the rest.

Dave 04-27-2010 10:43 AM

I've seen bartenders on ships cut people off, most recently on the Oasis. They also can get the person's card blocked so they can't go to another bar and order a drink. It doesn't prevent someone else from buying the person drinks, but it does offer some control. The woman in question was lit up, but the bartender handled it in a friendly way. She was still quite embarrassed and got up and left. He told me he could lose his job if he continues to serve someone who is obviously drunk. They do attend classes on how to determine when someone is over the line.

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