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09-29-2005 12:00 PM had the best time ever. I would like to go back on the western carribian. We were on the Eastern. How does it compare?

Rhamilton 09-29-2005 01:28 PM

My wife and I are about to sail the Valor to the Eastern's our first cruise and we're very excited to see the ship. May I ask what excursions you did? Also, how were the crowds on the ship? Thanks for any input!


kageyone 11-01-2005 07:37 PM

My wife and I and 2 kids (13 and 10) are going on the Valor - Eastern Carrib Jan 1/06. Which execursions did you take and were they worth the $$.

1st time cruiser must do it again 11-08-2005 08:27 PM

We actuallly didn't go on excursions.We did our own thing. We caughtcabs for $4.oo per person to the Atlantis hotel and spent time at a localbeach in Nassau. We sis some shopping in St. Thomas. Next time we would get a cab to a beach and skip the shopping. in St Marrten we also shopped and layed on the beach which is right were you get off the water taxi.$5.00 per person. You will have a great time.

kageyone 11-09-2005 07:09 PM

thanks so much for the info

Gardengal 01-12-2006 07:18 AM Hi! We, too, are going on the Eastern Caribbean with the Valor, at the same time as you did last year, August. Hopefully you can answer a few questions:
1) Were there only "tenders" to the Islands?
2) Was the beach in Nassau called the Western Esplanade (Junkanoo Beach)?
3) Were the line ups as horrendous as some people have stated?
If you have anything else to share, I'd love to learn all about Carnival & Valor. Thanks, all

jbrooks175 01-12-2006 11:50 AM

Hi.. we did Valor last Feb. 05 and did eastern caribbean. there were no tenders. We also tried to look around Atlantis but didn;t see too much as a tourist. We did, however, walk to the local beach just down the road from Atlantis (i want to say it's called paradise beach?) It was gorgeous!!!! A man came up to us and made these cool drinks right in front of us (cut open the coconuts and pour in our drink of choice) so much fun!! Be prepared for lines though...we had to be back on boat at 2pm in Nassau and at 1 ish the line to get back on boat was the entire lenght of the ship!! I normally cruise on RCCL, this was my first experience on Carnival and have to say the lines were frequent throughout the ship (especially at the cafe for breakfast and lunch each day)
You'll have a blast though..It's a really nice ship

Gardengal 01-12-2006 06:27 PM

So you mean that on the Eastern Caribbean cruise, you could walk off the ship onto the pier? That is good news... wasn't looking forward to getting onto a smaller boat to get to shore... Thanks

kageyone 01-12-2006 06:37 PM

Just finished the Valor, Eastern Carib. (jan1-8). Great trip and 3600 people on board about 1000 kids. Each port is a dock, no tenders. Nassau is a short stay, really hard to do much of anything. Get off the boat and it is time to get back on.
St. Thomas was nice, all taxi rides are per person to the same place. My sister and family (4 people) took a ride to Coki beach $80 return for all. We did a city tour and mountain tour, watch those roads they can be killers.
St, Martin was great, great shopping and great beaches within a short cab or walking distances.
We enjoyed St. Martin the best.
On board, the lines are long in Rosie's (main buffet for breakffast and lunch and dinners. Chinese was a good alternative as was the deli bar.
If you are off vacation times, lines should be shorter.
Cabins were great size for a ship.
Overall we had a great time.

1st time cruiser must do it again 02-05-2006 09:23 PM

WE had perfect weather.We are going on another cruise on the 6th this time on the Miracle.
The beach we were on was to the right of the Atlantis. Costs nothing. I think it is called Paradise beach. Yes the line up getting on the Ship are horrendous but fast forgotten when you gat on the ship. You will have a super time. Go staight to the Lido deck for the send off party. We missed that totaly. Try to get to the dock as soon as you can as to miss or get to the front of the line. WE didn\'t get on till
3:15. This year we are flying down the day before hoping to get on the ship earlier and to be at the front of the very,very long line. Picture 2000 people lined up. You can only imagine it. Getting on and off the ship at the ports of call are no problem. Don\'t waste all your time in the jewellery store in St.Marrten and St. Thomas. We hit the beach to late. They are wonderful in all ports. Nassau had the nices one in my
opinion. Well have a great time. We didn\'t go on excursions at all. Don\'t bring shampoo, hair dryer, tooth paste, soap. They supply endless amounts. Some samples of toiletries as well.
Enjoy being spoiled. That is how I felt. Can\'t wait time Aug. on the Miracle a bit smaller than the Valor.Same age as the Valor.
Bon Voyage
Jackie from Canada

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