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tompands 10-19-2007 08:44 AM

Hey all, Just back from my 5 day on the Inspiration. I was having the time of my life(as usual) when on the 4th day of the cruise I encountered a situation I never expected to have on a cruise ship. At around 11pm of the 4th day, I was at the Blackjack table along with my wife and several other couples having a blast,winning like crazy,might I add. This passenger, along with his wife, come to the table and have a seat. Several hands go by and this person is making nasty comments and cussing, as to how people are playing their hands and handling their bets. His wife keep telling him to "be nice". Several comments were made back to him,basically he needed to mind his own business as to other peoples hands and betting practices. He loses around $150 in about 2-3 min and stands up, tells the dealer FU, tells all the people at the table FU and starts walking away. I am now shocked and in total disbelief. My wife turns and says to him "you don't need to use that sort of language to us or the dealer", he then turns around and says FU B%@ch to my wife. Can you amagine this behavior? On a cruise ship? Needless to say, I then stood up to defend my wifes honor-which some of you might not agree with, but enough was enough. A small altercation ensued and security showed up and escourted the person away. I was told he was going to be banned from Carnivals ships. The whole situation upset me and my wife and ruined the last day of our cruise. I don't blame Carnival, the staff or anyone except the drunk person who did this. I have never seen anything close to this. I was in total shock that someone would act like this on a cruise ship. I hope I never see this agian. Otherwise, we had a great time in Grand Caymans and Calica. We went to Xel-HA at the Calica stop, it was amazing-I would recommend it to anyone. If you go , rent a car at the dock and drive yourself, buy the all inclusive pass to get in-all food and drinks are included and so are all the attractions. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been too-alot better than shopping or going on a tour. They have a web site-check it out. Food, staff, ship all were great as usual.

penny3333 10-19-2007 09:48 AM

Yes, tompands, unfortunately I have. I had a lady cuss me out for hitting a royal on "her" machine. She wasn't on "her" machine when I sat down, and it wasn't "her" money when I hit. I actually thought she was going to hit me. Thankfully, security came over and escorted her back to her cabin. I didn't see her in the casino the rest of the cruise, so they may have told her she couldn't go back in. It is truly sad behavior, but being on a ship isn't going to change the way a person acts. Just be thankful the jerk isn't your neighbor! Glad to hear the rest of the cruise was good. I love Xel-ha! The water there is phenomenal! Welcome back and I do pray you will never encounter another person like that on your cruises.

29dawgs 10-19-2007 11:15 AM

Sorry that happened to you tompands. It is sad that some people drink way too much and can be suck jerks. I have played blackjack with these kind of people before on a ship and in Vegas. If he did not like the way the table was playing, he should have went to a different table. Your wife had every right to say what she did you did the right thing standing up for her. Good Job. I am glad to hear that you did not let it ruin your entire cruise.

LHP 10-19-2007 11:46 AM

On the upside, be so very thankful that you don't have to live that jerk's miserable life.

And his poor wife....she needs to attend the "Cast Iron Skillet to Educating Men" seminar.

Hopefully, Carnival will stick to their word and never allow them to cruise ANY of their sister lines either!!

TrvlPro 10-19-2007 12:10 PM

Civility is becoming as rare as common sense. Look at our political climate, televison they call entertainment and even popular music. Think about the people many our children idolize today. With the MTV and rehab lifestyle splashed across our media I'm turly shocked we don't have more incidents like the above. What a shame.

Cheers, neil

Jim C. 10-19-2007 12:32 PM

Ah yes, the Blackjack player who thinks everyone should play by his "rules" and if they don't THEY are the reason he is loosing. I have encountered many people like that. (I love to play blackjack) and not just on cruise ships, but in every casino I have been in. Like 29dawgs said, he wasn't being forced to play at that table (unless there were no other tables open) he could have moved.

I have never seen someone get to the point of cussing like that to the dealer or the other players, but in Vegas, he would have been out the door before he got the chance to cuss at the dealer.

Sometimes I think to myself that "that person SHOULD have hit and then we would have all won" but never have I said it out loud and in reality, for every hand where that is true, there are equal number of hands where not playing the "correct" way has worked in favor of the table too.

Sorry it ruined your day. More often than not, I'll be winning like you say and someone with a negative attitude will sit down and blow the karma for the whole table. I'll just stop playing until they leave (or I'll leave) But even more fun is when the karma killer is loosing and you are winning. Makes them more mad and they either leave or provide great entertainment!

So your last day was ruined.. best cure for that is to book a "replacement" cruise!

Casanova frankenstein 10-19-2007 01:00 PM

I am sorry that that loser ruin your cruise,
next time you can do this:

talk to the guy and get him drunk,
After that get him near a balcony and tell him

" Do you saw that whale?? WOW!!!"

as soon as he looks just push him over and yell at him "PENDEJO!!!"

After that call security and tell them crying,

" I don't know what happen he was drunk as hell and he just jump without any reason"

then pray for the poor bastard soul and maybe some shark will eat him before he get's sober. If you have a camera PLEASE CAPTURE THE MOMENT ON VIDEO!!!
It will be a hell of a video on youtube... with a final word saying "OWNED"

I can only say if he ever survive the jump and live to tell someone, he will never say FU B%@ch to anyone again

well I am sorry for your bad cruise but sometime people don't know when to stop drinking

Dave 10-19-2007 01:26 PM

Don't you just know this slackjaw's wife is probably abused by him? If he acts like that to strangers, I can imagine her life is much worse.

On one hand, this is the type of situation that we former Marines dream of. Nothing quite like having the opportunity to help someone get their attitude re-calibrated, if you catch my drift. But then this is also a good way to get one's self in trouble too! So I prefer option 2 - don't let someone else determine how your day will be....or your cruise. When you do, you have given them control of your life - at least for that moment or those few days. I would have led those in the area in a rousing cheer and applause as this piece of debris was removed from the casino, ordered another drink and continued playing cards.

Of course, if I happened to know his cabin number I may have gotten even a bit by switching the tags on his luggage on the last evening to a different color, or perhaps moving them to a little-used deck.

Casanova frankenstein 10-19-2007 01:58 PM


Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Don't you just know this slackjaw's wife is probably abused by him? If he acts like that to strangers, I can imagine her life is much worse.
I think the same thing...
I can only say if I ever yell something like that to my wife I will be the one on youtube with the owned word at the end and swimming for my life!!!

<edited to correct quote blocking>

Dwayne 10-19-2007 05:48 PM

I am sorry something like this happened. I can't stand rude, crude, and obnoxious people. What kind of life this jerk's wife must have is what I was thinking as well. Unfortunately in today's society nothing surprises me much anymore. Have never seen anything like that in the casino before though. I hope they ban him from all the sister lines as well. I know jerks are everywhere, but I would like for them to be limited on cruises.


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