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PC GUY 04-07-2007 06:12 PM

Please forgive me if this question has been asked before - I have been on several cruises but this will be the first time we are taking a baby (8 months old). We have a Cat 6E on the Triumph and we are taking my mother as a baby sitter. Could those of you who have sailed with an infant please provide some advise to new parents - what to bring, (diapers, baby food, etc.). One thing I do plan to take with us is a small foldable wash tub for a baby.

Thank You

LHP 04-08-2007 05:04 PM

Mine were 5 and 8 before we started cruising with them. However, I have read about folks bringing an inflatable baby pool if they had a balcony. Also, the umbrella strollers are easier to use than the larger strollers. Especially if you have a port that you are tendering into.

Our youngest son is a special needs child, so I always look like a walking pharmacy. I would suggest a med kit of the usual "baby meds stuff" just in case. Have a great cruise.

Chef Ken 04-08-2007 05:38 PM

Hi PC Guy,

In 2004 my wife and I cruised with our son and daughter and their spouses and our 7 month old grandchild. It really went well, the little guy loved all the attention. My daughter or my wife had to miss a few things while staying in the cabin with the baby. There were a couple times when my daughter left with him during dinner because he was crying but most of the girls who worked in the dining room made a big deal over him.

Make sure you have documentation to proove the baby is yours, certified copy of a birth certificate is probably sufficient but check to see what is required.

You will need to bring diapers and food and the cruise line should be notified of your need for a crib. Breakfast in the buffet should be okay with scrambled eggs, pancakes or waffles and fruit if the baby is up to that. They will give you boiling water in a pot to warm up milk or formula if you request it.

That is about all this grandpa has to tell you.


PC GUY 04-08-2007 05:58 PM

Thank you Ken

We are flying in from Canada so we all have passports,(Mom, Dad, Baby, Grandma) - do we need any more that that?

I told the travel agent that we need a crib so that should be taken care of. I am taking a stroller (large foldable) and we also have a kangaroo pouch for the baby. We figured we would need diapers and baby food as well.

Dave 04-08-2007 05:59 PM

We took Jacob on his first cruise when he was 20 months old. Just me, Vanessa, and Jacob. Looking back at it, it is better to do this with others in your family coming along who are willing to share the baby duty - as happend with Chef Ken's cruise.

I do recall the wonderful waiter we had (this was on the Celebrity Century, when it was still a Chandris owned line) who would pick Jacob up and carry him around the dining room whenever he started to get a bit whiny (the baby, not the waiter). This always stopped the crying and we'd get back a laughing little boy. That waiter got an impressive tip from us, and he well earned it.

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