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Cruiseonly 04-20-2010 09:41 AM

Day 1 Maimi Florida Sunny and 80 Got to the port around 12 and was on the ship poolside by 1230 I have to say I was afraid of the new self check-in but it want so quick I loved it. Got to go to our room too as soon as we got on. We got our luggage by 6 and was off to the dining room to eat.
Day 2 At sea Sunny and 80 again. Poolside by 9 and getting some sun,. Poolgames are kinds stupid but it was still a fun day. Formal night
Day 3 Grand Cayman. Sunny and 85 Tendered over to the port. we tryed booking an activity but was sold out and i am glad it was. It was 30 a person to go to seven mile beach which included a lounge chair a welcome drink and transportation we paid 4 for a taxi and 10 for a chair and 4 on the way back. we did see the people that did the activity they were in the same area as we were. The show was great the comedy show was great
Day 4 Isle rotan Sunny and 85 again HOw great we went to maya key it was 59.95 per person but so worth it. Beach was wonderful and the island is nothing like I have been to before there was a freshwater pool, bar, food gift shop and animal that they rescued. George the monkey is in love with everyone she hugs you and kisses you. Its just a short boat ride. This was my favorite stop cant wait to go back. The show at night was great again. Another comedy show too.
Day 5 Belize Sunny and 85 again. Nothing good to say about this at all except the weather. The tendered you about 5 miles out, The boat ride took about 20 minutes and there nothing good at the port. Ran down shops and nothing good inside. Cheap purses there if you are into designers ( i believe they ae fake) So we stayed there for about 15 minutes and went back and went to the pool. Whcich was nice cause they was no one there. Show great again this was our other formal night
Day 6 Cozmel Rain and 70 I mean storms like you could not believe but still got off and did a little shopping. Then just went back and relaxed shipped was rocking really bad alot of sick people at night
Day 7 At sea Rain again. about 3 the sun was coming out a little but then turned to rain again last night show was great it featured all the kareoko winners from the week (sorry cant spell that )
Had to get off ship we got Tag 6 and got off around 830 and got our luggage which was a nightmare, The lines for customs was so long we waited a hour.

I would have to say Carnival comedy shows were great they had two a a night one for over 18 and the a xrtaed one at 12 I would like to see more pool games and maybe something like the quest on RCCL. The cruise was great sodas cards are a great thing my husband and daughter got one and we could have only got one they dont pay attention to the name on the card so anyone can use it

penny3333 04-20-2010 10:04 AM

Welcome back, Cruiseonly I'm so glad you returned my ship We'll be on the same itinerary in just a couple of weeks. Sorry you had rain, Cozumel is such a great port. We're going to snorkel in Belize, it's one of my favorite snorkel areas. We plan to do 7 mile on our own in Grand Cayman, and will either do Tabayana Beach or Foster's in Roatan. I'm glad the shows were good, I'm bringing a first time cruiser with me and I hope she enjoys cruising as much as I do. Of course, good weather always helps, so I'm praying that we'll have as many nice days as you did.

I guess you enjoyed the Valor since you've sailed her twice. I've not sailed on her before, so am very excited to get on board!

Thank you for your review, it sounds like you had a marvelous time! Best wishes and please let us know which cruise you decide on next.

macmom111 04-20-2010 10:33 AM

Glad you had a good time, I leave thursday and I can not hardly wait.
Penny where are u snorkeling in Belize and in Roatan they have the chair lift now to take you to a private beach. just opened recently. Have you thought about that beach?

penny3333 04-20-2010 10:55 AM

We're going to Turneffe, it was a toss up between Geoff's or there and the 65' catamaran won out

The last I went to Roatan, we did a great snorkel, but the current was pretty strong. The lady I'm going with is not a strong swimmer, so I wasn't sure she could handle that. Jim recommended Fosters, and someone recommended Tabyana, so we thought we'd give one of those a try.

Cruiseonly 04-20-2010 02:54 PM

There is a chairlift from the port to the beach didnt go but look really nice. There is a ticket you can buy for unlimited rides on it. The other beach you mentioned sound nice too. The valor is a nice ship a little small but couldnt beat the price. I would not do it again probably i would love to try the dream. I didnt here the snokeling was great in Belize. For some reason they made us go to the eagle lounge first and get a ticket for the tender. But by the time we got there they stopped and I never found out way. And if you are a on time person which i am always early for everything Everything on the ship was late every port we where like 30 minutes late also the shows were too

Dwayne 04-20-2010 09:39 PM

Thanks, Cruiseonly for the Valor review, and Welcome Aboard! Glad you had a great time.

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