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Old 04-17-2005, 03:57 PM
Moses Family's Avatar
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I posted this in the General Cruise forum, but thought I'd post here as well for Carnival-specific suggestions.

Can you seasoned cruisers share with me what you suggest as must haves for a packing list and what you suggest we leave at home? I've been reading books and websites and have come up with the following. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

Oh - we'll be on the Carnival Glory in a balcony room on the lido deck. Our room description says: "Twin Bed/King and Single Convertible Sofa and Upper."

The list thus far:

Laundry detergent
Healing salve
Adoption papers (daughter was adopted and name is different on birth certificate)
Birth certificates
Ziplock bags
Sippy cups
Over the door shoe hanger (for sunscreen, toiletries, etc)
Clothes pins
Blow dryer (do they have these in the cabins?)
White noise machine (Our room is right by an elevator. This helps the baby sleep.)
Juice boxes
Beach toys
Baby Tylenol/feverall
Rain ponchos
Laundry bag
Bug spray
Walkie talkies
ID bands for emma (4 year old)
Camera batteries

The obvious things - clothes, toiletries, etc - are not listed.

2nd cruise planned - March 2008 - Emerald Princess - Eastern Caribbean

first cruise - June 4th - Carnival Glory
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Old 04-17-2005, 07:10 PM
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That is a good start. Here is a very thorough packing list that should jog some ideas.


Have a great cruise!

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Old 05-23-2005, 06:07 AM
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I would add a Powerstrip to your list. We took our two tweens for xmas. I don't know firsthand about your ship but I would guess two outlets.
One in the Bathroom one by the desk
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Old 05-23-2005, 07:48 AM
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With out adding our entire list, I found Our little guy (2) loved to snack on the little boxes of cereal and fruit we carried out at breakfast. We took 36 bottled water on with us and juice crystals. Also a baby knapsack was great getting on off ship/tenders, and in shoreline shops. We cut our diaper count close and they are very expensive on ship, and like $20 US at store in port for 10, I think G Caymen. We would not haul the toy box around again, there is plenty to keep them busy.
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Old 05-23-2005, 09:03 AM
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Location: Lakeland, FL
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Tony - I'd love to hear more about traveling with very little ones. John is 8 months and Emma is 4 years.

It is my understanding that John will not be allowed in the pools because he is not potty trained. Will he be allowed to swim at beaches and other places at the ports?

Is it crazy heavy to pack all that water? I only drink water and would love to have that with me!

What is a baby knapsack? Like a sling? We use a sling every day - wouldn't dream of going anywhere without it!

Did you take a stroller? How is that?

Good tip on diapers. I wonder how many we'll need. We use cloth at home, but won't take that with us.

What is the power strip for? And adapters?
2nd cruise planned - March 2008 - Emerald Princess - Eastern Caribbean

first cruise - June 4th - Carnival Glory
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Old 05-23-2005, 04:13 PM
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Hi, Colton was 19 mths when we sailed, we did use the kiddie splash pool alot with a swim diaper but not the adult pools. Usually tried to work around bowels movements so as to reduce incidents. (none known of) He turned into a real water baby at the beaches in ports, ie Roatan, and in Cozumel we went to Chunkanuba park and they had a little toddler beach area, a highlight I still often day dream of. He thought having little coloured fish come up and suck his toes was cool. The baby knap sack is a metal frame Back knap sack that he sits in, we picked one up at baby used store cheap and use for hikes in the woods now, it was priceless when lined up disembarking and climbing into or off rocking tenders and in shops leaving hands free. Also usually since I left it on I was waved straight threw security for a visual check. I used a large duffle/hockey style bag with wheels on one end for Toys, water and diapers, bag of 30. (5 per day?)***we also took his own life jacket which we used on ALL EXCURSION BOATS AND TENDERS, they didnt always make readily available, packed in hockey bag.) We drove down from Canada so wasn't much to carrying heavy bag as I gave it to porter at port out of van and it was at door of room. I quess if your flying you could have taxi do quick stop at walmart etc for water - diapers? in port city. we did take an umbrella stroller (fit in same bag) and used it just on ship for early morning strolls with dad on promenade but left off excursions. The NCL SUN girls loved him to death and spoiled him at dinners and help alot with trays etc at buffets. Felt so bad because many have wee ones back home where ever that may have been for them? A power strip I assume they mean a power bar, with up to 6 power out lets to plug in your equipment, ie battry chargers, etc. We also use to grab a couple small milks, fruit off breakfast buffet and keep in our room fridge for him. That was our first cruise and we sail Glory Dec 3rd. I would love to hear how you make out? In Belize we did a river speed boat trip up to mayan ruins. Sting ray city in Grand Caymen was an adventure with him, he was not charged any price and we have great picture of guide holding a 5 foot wide ray over his head. Held him on lap on mini bus or cab at differant times, guys were cautious as i said take it easy? The park in Cozumel was a hoot and the a stop for mum and dad at Senor Frogs b4 you leave was a must, he loved ballon hat shooter gal made him . well think of more just ask, I will check back in. Tony
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Old 05-23-2005, 05:14 PM
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Location: Lakeland, FL
Posts: 42
GREAT tip on the life jacket! I'll go and get one of those!

I thought that babies were not allowed in ANY pool at all. Can someone clarify?

So you didn't really use the stroller, huh? Maybe we'll do the baby backpack thing. Would it be difficult to use a stroller for excursions? We love it as a place to store our bags, drinks, etc - plus our 4 year old sometimes uses it as well.

Thanks for your great tips, Tony!
2nd cruise planned - March 2008 - Emerald Princess - Eastern Caribbean

first cruise - June 4th - Carnival Glory
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Old 05-23-2005, 09:23 PM
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Let me make a few comments on your packing list and a few more suggestions,too. :

LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Make sure your cruise ship has self-service laundry (a.k.a.: A Laundry-mat/Coin-a-matic laundry) onboard before you pack it. It would make no sense packing it if you can't use it. I have been on only one cruise, and they did not have self-service laundry; but it wasn't on Carnival, so it might be different on your ship. However, on my ship they had full service laundry: for a price, you would drop your clothes in a bag, they would take it away, and bring it back with your clothes clean. Maybe you could ask if they have full-service laundry onboard, too. It may cost more, but it may be better. Because, there are many wonderful sights worthing seeing on a cruise; you may miss out on them if you spend allot of time seeing your clothes go round-and-round in the washer and/or dryer.

ZIPLOCK BAGS: As I remember my cruise, and think about what packing ideas I received; perhaps the one that worked best for me was to bring along lots of Ziplock bags. Get the largest ones you can find (1 gallon I think is the biggest). You should bring along empty ones..... However, you should catagorized your packing items (i.e. Medicines, Reading/Writing matierials, toiletries [if you don't have a toiltetrie bag], music [CDs, CD player, IPod, etc], and you should pack these items in different Ziplock bags according to their catagory. I did this and found it to work-out great. I could really find things quickly when I needed them. Also, in case one of your fluid items (Sunscreen, liquid soap, hand lotion, mouthwash, etc.) should loose it's cap and spill everywhere, the spill will be contained inside the Ziplock bag and it won't be such a nightmare of a clean-up job.

OVER THE DOOR SHOE HANGER: I heard this idea worked very well for someone who went on a cruise. As for me, I brought it along with me but could not use it. I could not find a place to hang it. The bathroom door had a stip of metal along the top of it. I suppose this strip of metal acted like a seal, to keep air from inside the bathroom (which may have bad smells) from entering the rest of the cabin. Also, there was not enough space in the closet to hang it there. So, I had to keep my over the door shoe hanger packed away; so it was useless.

CAMERA BATTERIES: Make sure to also bring the battery charger, too. And while you are at it, extra film (memory card for digital ones). Extra video tape for a videocamera (and it's charger too). A little-bitty tripod is a big plus, too. While there is debate on whether the picture quality of 35mm film or Digital is superior over one or the other. There is no debate at all that Digital photography is vastly superior to film in terms of practicality. I can go on and on on why that's true, but let me just say that on my cruise, I ended up taking more than 300 photos. Actually, I kept more than 300 photos and deleted 100s of more bad ones (sometimes on the spot). This would not be possible with film. And if I were to take 300+ photos on film, imagine how much it would have costed me with purchasing the rolls of film, having them all developed, and the space used-up in my bag? So all-in-all, I took a digital camera on my cruise and it saved me allot of money on film costs and allot of space while packing my bags.
So, if you don't have a digital camera now, going on a cruise would be a good reason to finally get one.

WALKIE TALKIES: I heard that they work great if you are cruising with a large group. I did not bring them with me since I was travelling alone. I also heard that some passengers get really annoyed when others used the walkie talkies in an inconsiderate manner. So if you bring them and will be using them on your cruise, make sure to use the walkie talkies descretly: keep the volume settings low; both on the walkie talkies and your vocal chords.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES: I brought my passport along instead. I found that it worked well. The only time I really needed it was when I checked-in at the ticket counter at the port (prior to boarding the ship), and at the end of the cruise when clearing Customs & Immigration. Maybe in both instances a birth certificate will be acceptable. But I hear (from Tom Ogg and others) that it might not be the case for long. They tell me that Uncle Sam may soon require a passport for all travel (cruises included). That's if you live inside the US, of course (it goes without saying if you live elsewhere).
When I disembarked the ship at the ports of call, the only forms of ID I needed was my SeaPass card (the card given to all passengers after checking in at the port) and my State Driver's License.

WIPES: I suppose you were reffering to "baby wipes". But make sure you bring something for the grow-ups too. In this case, I am referring to those stain remover wipes. I think one brand is called "Shout" and it comes in a moistened towellete form inside these AlkaSeltzer size packetts. I also brought along some Hydrogen Peroxide I put into those tiny empty shampoo-like bottles they sell at the drugstore. Anyway, those Shout stain wipes came in handy; both for me and another passenger that shared my dinner table. She stained her dress at dinner, so I ran to my cabin and returned with the wipes. She used them, it worked, and she was so grateful to me.

Here is an additional suggestion of mine:

COINS: If you are into gambling on the slot machines in the casino onboard the ship, bring along a few rolls of coins (dimes, nickels, quarters, any even dollar coins) for that purpose. If you plan to travel to and from an airport to get to the cruise ship, make sure you run the coins separetly through the X-ray machines. This is where a Zip Lock bag would come in handy. Otherwise, you shouldn't mind your friendly airport screener looking through your bag. Any large amount of coins will block the X-rays and appear dark on their X-ray monitor, requiring them to search your bag. Also, don't worry to much about your film being ruined by their X-ray machines. At least the smaller X-ray machines used at the checkpoint. I work at the airport and numerous times have sent my film (before I switched to digital) through their machines. Never once did I ever see any X-ray damage on my film. Not even a small trace of it. You won't have to worry at all about Digital. Also, getting back to the subject of coins: They also might come in handy when using the self-service laundry machines onboard. But, as I said, you will need to look into that.

WATER BOTTLES AND SODA CANS: Eventhough they might make your baggage "Crazy Heavy" as you said, bring at least a few, because they are "Crazy Expensive" onboard the ship. So, when you see some soda cans and water bottles in your cabin, I wouldn't touch them if I were you. On my cruise, I thought it was so nice of them to have these cans and bottles placed on the table in my room. So I opened a few and started enjoying them until I saw the price list nearby Each can of soda $1.75!! Each 20oz bottle of water $3.50!!! I hear that the prices on Carnival may be a little less, but only slightly.
Even though they may discourage or prohibit it, I am sure there are places onboard where you can discretly refill your water bottle(s) (at the very least: the sink in your room).

Last but not least, here are a few more tidbits of advice and information I can give you:

- Speaking of "Crazy Expensive" try not to use the phones in your cabin to call home. On my cruise they costed nearly $8.....PER MINUTE!!! It may not be much cheaper on Carnival. Instead, I waited until I got to Nassau (one of the ports of call on my cruise) before I phoned home. I found a much cheaper rate there (51 cents/minute).

- One of the most unpleasant surprises on the cruise for me, involved all the literature they left in my cabin. On the first day, when I entered my room for the first time, they had all this literature spread-out on the table (next to the very overpriced soda cans and water). There was a 3-ring binder with photos of the cleaning staff and blank sheets of stationary. There was booklets and maps of and about Nassau and CocoCay (the ports of call). There was even a small book about the Bahamas in general. I placed this literature inside the desk drawer underneath so that I could have space on the desktop. I DON'T KNOW IF CARNIVAL IS DIFFERENT, BUT: What they didn't tell me was that the cleaning crew re-collected all of this literature on the last night. After packing-up all my baggage that night, I went through the desk drawers to see if I missed anything. I then noticed all of that literature had vanished . I thought I was loosing my mind, and might have packed-up that literature inside my baggage. I opened my bags and went through all of it searching for this literature. To no avail. I then went searching for the cleaning staff. I finally found one, and she told me that they took the literature. I only wish they told me in advance that they needed the literature back. I would have gladly had the literature waiting for them in a conspicous place (i.e.: on top of my bed). It would have saved me all this time, confusion and frustration looking for the literature through all my bags. It would have save them time (and me some privacy) by not having them rumage through my things to find the literature.

Anyway, I had better stop hogging this message board and give somebody else a chance to write to you. Just remember, the most important thing to pack on your cruise is a happy attitude. You'll never have a good time otherwise. So, I hope all of this can be of some help to you. Have a great time on your cruise.


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Old 05-23-2005, 09:39 PM
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Not to hog this message board any more: But I was reading your messages and could help but notice your question about power strips. You asked what are they for.

Well, in most rooms onboard the ship, there is usually no more than two, and sometimes only one electrical outlet. So if you are using many different devices which require electricity, that would be a problem. So that's where multiple outlet powerstrips/adapters and extension chords would come into play. Hopefully, since you will be staying in a larger balcony cabin on a newer cruise ship; hopefully they will have more than one electrical outlet (like someone else said).
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Old 05-25-2005, 11:05 PM
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Here I go again, hogging this message board. But, there is one more important thing you should bring on your cruise that I forgot to mention:

LIGHT JACKETS/WINDBREAKERS: So you are saying to yourself: "I am going on a Caribbean cruise in June". "Why in the world would I need a jacket?!?". Well...unless you have been on a cruise before, you will be surprised how windy it gets on the top deck. Cruise ships can move surprisingly fast. The top speed on my cruise ship was 22 knots (which is faster than 22mph in our cars). And if the ship is heading into the wind, the sustained gusts of wind will be stronger/faster than that. And at night, the temperature at sea is naturally lower than during the day (even in tropical climates). When I was on my cruise ship, on the top deck at night, and the ship was at top speed. I was really surprised how windy it was. It brought back flashbacks from that summer (last year) when we had the parade of hurricanes. Yes, I live in Florida. Anyway, I am a little on the heavy side, so my natural blubber kept me warm. However, there were other passengers nearby (especially children) that were shivering. Keep in mind we were already in a sub-tropical to tropical zone on the map. SO, for that reason you should pack a light jacket or windbreaker for everyone just in case.
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