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LexyLovesCruisin 02-02-2007 02:05 PM

Hi all.
Just a poll to see how many actually can pay for your cruise and air, etc. BEFORE you go?
Or do you charge it and then pay throughout the year?

Jim C. 02-02-2007 02:28 PM

We have done it both ways. But if we "charge it" we typically don't take too long to pay it off. And then on a couple of cruises, I have paid off the balance before leaving the ship from casino winnings... those are the best ones..

Dave 02-02-2007 02:32 PM

My rule is: don't ever go in debt for a vacation. I always use a card to pay for my cruises, and for the onboard charges, but I always have the assets to pay it off.

gdjoslin 02-02-2007 02:37 PM

We pay for our cruise and excurions before we sail. If we have anything on the sign and sail card it is paid off at our next billing cycle or before.

Vickicr 02-02-2007 03:35 PM

Don't go into debt for anything but your is much better debt for your vacation up'll have a much better time!

f-mattox 02-02-2007 04:57 PM

Totally agree with all the above; if you can't pay up front, don't go.

wienergirls 02-03-2007 07:43 AM

Two words..Tax Refund! my way to pay for my yearly vacation.

Bem1962 02-03-2007 09:09 AM

When we book our vacation a year in advance, then I placed it on my American express and had them charge it over 5 months, paying the balance off every month and also getting the "points" paid tips also

cruizinallthetime 02-03-2007 01:00 PM

We book our cruise almost a year in advance, so we have plenty of time. We pay it off BEFORE we cruise. Also, we pay the gratuities before we go as well.

MrOctober 02-03-2007 03:08 PM

paid in advance and gambeling money is saved as well. then an extra $500.00 is set aside for sail & Sign (Bar Tab). I come off the cruise relaxed as I should ,,,and not stressed about the money blown (in the Casino) or drank away. Thats exactly what it was allocated for. altho I do feel guilty blowing $1600.00 on a short three day cruise in the casino 2 weeks ago. could have paid off my October 13th 8 dayer on the Liberty this year. I better get singing I only have 9 months left before I cruise.
MrOctober my space

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