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CruiseDad 05-04-2007 11:53 AM

I was in a Chiles yesterday and saw a dessert that looked something like the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake on Carnival. I was tempted but too full. Has anyone tried it? Does it compare at all to the ... yum... warm chocolate melting cake.... we know and love on the ships?

Andrealovescruising 05-04-2007 12:26 PM

Hi Cruisedad. I haven't had Chili's warm chocolate cake. I brought the website up and looked at the cake, listed in the dessert section of the menu. It doesn't sound or look like the ship's version. Chili's has chocolate pudding inside. The ship's cake is served in a ramekin with confectionery sugar lightly sprinkled on top. It has a chocolate mousse taste to it. Very smooth throughout.

avenger 05-04-2007 01:39 PM

OMG! You just brought back memories from my cruise in 2003 on Carnival! I remember that cake now! YUMMMMM!!!! DELICIOUS! I'm planning a trip in September I'll BE SURE to get that cake, if possible, EVERY NIGHT!!

Andrealovescruising 05-05-2007 05:52 AM

avenger, it will be on the menu every night. It was on Pride in February. And, yes, I did completely devour one every night. Enjoy!

tncruiseman 05-05-2007 02:56 PM

Chocolate Melting Cake is simply irresistable and undescribable!!! I almost died from laughing yesterday reading one of the reviews where someone was complaining about their cruise...said the chocolate dessert wasn't even done in the middle and squirted out..THE WHOLE POINT! Some people just don't want to be happy I guess!

Jim C. 05-05-2007 03:51 PM

Even if Chili's dessert was exactly the same, the cruise ship's would taste better because.. YOU ARE ON A CRUISE... and not sitting in town eating at Chili's... just me $0.02 worth..

thomas stanton 05-05-2007 05:09 PM

I don't know about Chili's, but the Chocolate melting cake is great. I had one every night! And I would do it all over again, and I will!

getfuzzy 05-05-2007 05:57 PM

I have read the post where someone was talking about the cake not being done and I laughed and laughed about it. What an idiot!

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