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StevieT 09-05-2010 05:59 PM

Hello everyone,

I will be going on my first cruise on Sept 26th on the Carnival Valor out of Miami. Anyways the flight I have booked is leaving at 7:30 at night but the carnival cruise docs around 8 am I believe. I'm not sure how the disembarkment process works are you allowed to doddle on checkout and have breakfast on the boat and take your time to pack etc. I was thinking it would be swell to check out the beach or bayside market but the only problem is we will have our luggage with us. Has anyone ever tried bringing there luggage to the beach? Is there anything in walking distance from the port? Or maybe checking our luggage only at the hotel for a part day is available I've never tried, is it expensive?
Any ideas or suggestions for things to do so I dont have to sit at the airport for 12 hours would be much appreciated. Looking for cost effective ideas preferably.

Thanks for your replies!

MCPayne 09-05-2010 06:33 PM


Welcome. I'm not sure about Carnival, but I know RCI has a luggage valet service. On certain RCI ships, for $20 or so, plus bag fees for your airline, they will deliver your boarding passes and take your bags to the airport.

I'm not sure what you will have as far as checked bags vs. carry on bags. Again, having not been on Carnival, I'm not sure how this works. On RCI, on the last night of the cruise, your checked bag for the cruise must be packed and outside your stateroom door by midnight for the baggage handlers to take and bring to the holding area, and it will be offloaded and brought to the baggage claim in the morning you debark, unless you do a luggage valet service, if Carnival offers it.

They need to get the ship turned around for the next cruise, so I would think you would get the boot around 11:00 am or so.

Dwayne 09-06-2010 01:10 AM

Hi StevieT, Welcome to Cruise-Chat!

The latest I've stayed on the ship was a little after 10AM. You'll have plenty of time for breakfast, showers, etc. Just ask the steward if you can stay in, and if so how late before he/she needs to clean the cabin.

My best advice is to pack the night before and use Carnival's Luggage Express service. I believe it is $20 per person with a limit of 2 bags each. They will issue your boarding passes and take your luggage to the airport to be checked in.

Click HERE and type in "luggage express". It should be the third item for the details.

Welcome aboard,


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