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Rissa 01-19-2007 08:03 AM

Does the cruise line accomodate special diets? (low cholesterol) Do they have turkey bacon or turkey burgers?

Cruise Specialist 01-19-2007 08:22 AM

Let your TA know that you need a special diet, they will advise the cruiseline. Carnival makes every effort to accomodate those who have diet restrictions.

Rissa 01-19-2007 08:30 AM


CruiseDad 01-19-2007 09:55 AM


Originally posted by Rissa:
Does the cruise line accomodate special diets? (low cholesterol) Do they have turkey bacon or turkey burgers?
Carol advise is good. Carnival does try to accomodate you. I have a friend who is Vegetarian and from India. He made some requests and found that a chief on board was Indian and made him many special dinners.

Jim C. 01-19-2007 10:35 AM

Also, they do provide meals on each menu that are "Healthy" choice selctions. They will put some info next to these like calories and carbs etc... I don't remember if they list the Cholesterol content or not.

Jim C. 01-19-2007 10:37 AM

From their website-

Can Special Diets be Accommodated?

Guests with diet requirements can be accommodated on board. We do not have Dieticians onboard; therefore, we can only offer assistance with simple requests such as the method of preparation of menu items. The special diet requirements need to be arranged with the guest's Headwaiter on the first night of the cruise. Every menu (in the dining room) has Spa Carnival Cuisine Fare. These items are lower in calories, sodium, cholesterol and fat. Salads are prepared with diet dressing. Desserts are prepared with Sweet'N Low or NutraSweet instead of sugar. In addition, each menu has one vegetarian entree. Low-cholesterol egg substitute is available upon request as well as diet jellies at breakfast.

The following simple diets can be prepared onboard:

low sugar
The following food is not available onboard:

Kosher meals
Baby Food and Formula

Rissa 01-19-2007 11:21 AM

Thanks everyone!!!

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