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Nita 07-09-2006 06:00 AM

Do everyone dress up fancy every single night for Dinner. I know one night everyone is suppose to dress really fancy for Captins night or something but what about the other 4 nights for dinner. It seems like you will have to have on fancy clothes every night and if you don't can you wear a blue jean skirt and a cute halter top?

Dave 07-09-2006 06:55 AM

With the exception of the formal night(s), all the other nights are casual dress. As for the halter top - it depends on how much skin is exposes.

Nita 07-09-2006 07:50 AM


Originally posted by Dave56:
With the exception of the formal night(s), all the other nights are casual dress. As for the halter top - it depends on how much skin is exposes.
That's what I want to know how many formal nights are their???

Nita 07-09-2006 07:52 AM

So the nights that are not formal it is more like casual dress as if you were going out to a red lobster or something to that nature??

Nita 07-09-2006 07:54 AM

Sorry asking these last minute questions getting ready to prepare clothes for packing so I want to know EXACTLY what I am needing??

Dave 07-09-2006 08:31 AM

How long is your cruise? A 7-day cruise has two formal nights. 4 and 5 day cruises have one formal night.

About the only things that don't cut it for casual dress are shorts and t-shirts, which are expressly not allowed to be worn at dinner although one occasionally sees them. This is particularly true on the first night since some baggage may not have been delivered to cabins. Blue jeans are also listed as no-no's but are worn by some and no one objects to it. I have been guilty of this last one (on Carnival).

fivepoints 07-09-2006 08:45 AM

Good morning all! Nita, when we cruise again, if it is in the blazing hot summer, we will dress like we were going to a fancy tea. Which is dressing very nicely. But I don't think I would wear black again when it is 100 degrees outside. (Even though dinner is inside). We would feel pretty and look pretty, but with a summer flavor.

Dwayne 07-11-2006 06:22 AM

Other than first night and absolutely only because my luggage was not delivered would I ever even consider wearing jeans in the formal dining room. And even then I would probably choose the casual dining option. Smart Casual is fine on non-dress up you are going out for Friday night dinner at the Red Lobster, just minus the jeans and add some Dockers. Maybe is just me, but I don't want to show up at Formal Dining Room and insult my fellow table-mates and the waiters who are dressed for the formal dining. I for one think anyone that is not dressed to standards should not be allowed in the Dining Room. They should be re-directed to the casual Dining Area. It takes away from the experience these people who push the idea of Formal Dining down to lower acceptable dress..even (on Carnival).

penny3333 07-11-2006 06:45 AM

I agree Island, if you don't want to dress, go to the buffet. Smart casual can include some cute summer dresses or a nice pants suit, I don't consider a halter top smart casual, unless there is a jacket over it or it covers the midriff and lower back area. IMHO uncovered bellys and rears do not belong at a nice dinner table.

18andacruiseaddict 07-11-2006 12:34 PM

jean skirt and halter top is fine for dinner. but on formal nights people usually do the real dressing up thing. on a 7 night cruise there is usually at least 2 formal nights. going to dinner any other night most people usually dress as if they were going to go eat in the buffet area.

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