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Munson 03-15-2006 12:34 PM

I've been doing some searching around, today, and I can't really find a consensus of what I'm looking for. The are 3-4 of us, 24 year old attractive guys. We're looking at a possible cruise this summer. When is the best time, and what is the best cruise to find a college crowd, reasonable ratio of girls to guys? I'm looking at some of these singles cruise photo galleries and I'm seeing older crowds. We're looking for more of a girls-gone-wild type crowd. Is it best to wait for spring break, or are there some young party type boats in the summer? Where are they?! Thanks in advance!

Cruise Specialist 03-16-2006 02:31 AM

You probably want to book on a Carnival 3 or 4 day cruise, these seem to be more of the party type cruises. The longer the cruise the older the crowd seems. Also, during summer is when you will find more younger people because of the summer college break.

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