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brneyes 07-21-2008 09:28 AM

If you have been on the Carnival Inspiration ship, would you give me your pros/cons of this ship?

Also, I heard there is not a hair dryer in the room, is this correct?

Also, do they still furnish bath robes on the shorter cruises, or are they just on the 7 or more day cruises?


Dave 07-21-2008 12:56 PM

The Carnival website states that robes are provided in all oceanview cabins. That would imply they are not provided for inside cabins, but that may not be true. It also doesn't differentiate between cruise length, so I'd say robes are provided for any length cruise so long as you are in the proper cabin category.

This link lists the Carnival ships which have hair dryers.

Marty Clowers 07-22-2008 02:30 PM

My family (wife, daughter (age 14), niece (age 12), mother, and I cruised on the Inspiration towards the end of May. The kids had a great time, the twisty slide totally rock (no matter how old you are...).

I enrolled the girls into Camp carnival for their respective age groups, but they only did a few of the activities. I usually found them in the pool, at the Lido buffet eating ice cream, and more than once caught them terroizing boys in their age group. Girls, gotta love them.

I think my mom would have had a better time if a few girlfriends from work were to have tagged along, she needed someone in her age group to pal around with. But she still had a decent time. Maybe next trip...

This was our second time on the Inspiration, first time was pre-renovation. Both trips were fantastic. Our oceanview rooms did have two robes for each room. But I don't remember a hair dryer. The wife usually packs one along anyway.

Phillipe (Flipper) is a very energetic cruise director, he was the assistant on our first Inspiration outing, and I knew then that he was on his way up the ladder. Really a great guy.

So, the kids had a good time, I'm 40 and I had a great time (booking cruise #8 soon). My mom has an undisclosed age and she did pretty OK. So with all age groups satisfied, you should have a wonderfull time on Inspiration.

And as you will hear Flipper say "Chiao for now... Whoo-Hoo"!

Dave 07-22-2008 03:52 PM


And as you will hear Flipper say "Chiao for now... Whoo-Hoo"!
Thanks for the report Marty. I hope all is well with you and the TVA Nuclear gang! I'm not missing it much although I do plan to work the BFN U1 outage this fall as a contractor. Gotta get some more cruise money for next year.

Marty Clowers 07-22-2008 07:12 PM

I think outages are one of the best ways to finance cruises. That SG replacement we had cycle before last paid for two of them.

So rake in that contractor money, and cruise, cruise, cruise...

Dwayne 07-22-2008 10:01 PM

There has been some problems with Carnival's new site regarding updates. So I did some additional research about the Hair Dryers to make sure they were not added during the renovation. Carnival told me they were not added.


brneyes 07-24-2008 09:16 AM

Thank you to each of you who replied to my questions.

I have a few more.

Do they still do the towel animals on the 3-6 day cruises? (I've done 8 of the 7-8 day cruises, and they've always been on those cruises.) They are so cute!!

Also,if you have done the smaller ship, with less days, is there still plenty of activites during the day ("2" days at sea)and night? I'm used to having "2" days at sea for the 7-8 day cruises, and I have a feeling it will make a difference.

With a smaller ship (I was on the Triumph and Liberty), do the state rooms still seem to have ample room for luggage and storage?


Marty Clowers 07-24-2008 10:06 AM

The towel animals made regular visits to our cabin while we were off to dinner.

Our oceanview cabin is smaller than our cat 8 baconly room on the Conquest. But there was still plenty of room for all our stuff. The luggage fits nicely under the bed, the garment bag found a home hanging in one of the closets. The cabins are roomy for 2, a little cramped (but still OK) for 3 people. One our previous Inspiration cruise we had a four person room. All girls but me... I spent a lot of time in the hallway...

Each time out of Tampa had two days at sea. Between Tampa and Grand Cayman, then another between Cozumel back to Tampa.

As far as activites go, there was typical cruiser stuff; hairy chest, survivor, late night beach party, ice sculpture, scavenger hunts. The "stage" that separates the midship pool from the buffet area is being used much better now (I think so anyway). It's now a covered area for the band, a functional dance stage, and they played bingo out there a few times too.

Hey, this'll be post #97 (Whoo-Hoo!)

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