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Old 11-04-2006, 06:11 AM
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Didn't you just LOVE the service!! Us women don't usually get that "royal treatment"!! No matter how many times I ask for room service around here....it just doesn't show up!

I can't believe the guy on the snorkel trip said that to your husband...after he was already finished snorkeling! Like we all just carry Vaseline with us all the time! My husband also has a mustache, and had trouble with the mask on our last snorkel trip. Did the guy explain any further? You just rub Vaseline around the part that touches your face? ??

I couldn't remember if they had shampoo, conditioner etc. or not...I don't think they have hair dryers though...right? You didn't mention conditioner or hair dryers in your last post, and I remember someone else on another post mentioned that Carnival doesn't have hair dryers. I think RCCL does. But anyway every little bit helps when packing!

Did you find that you took too many clothes, shoes etc....or did you wish you had more? I'm already trying to scale down what I plan to take. I'm a shoe person, and this is always a problem with me!

What was the weather like in once in Mexico. I live in Southeast Texas. It's warm here, no hot here, most of the time. In fact, even though we leave Nov 27, and in most parts of the country it will be cold, there has been years that the temperture has reached 80 degrees on Thanksgiving! But someone told my husband that he was on a cruise after Thanksgiving one year, and it was very cold out on deck, and they needed a jacket on the beach in Mexico! Surely that isn't the norm.

Where was your cabin located on the ship? Just wondering if you liked your location.

What was your favorite thing to do on the ship? Best night time hang out??

Man, I'm full of questions I guess. I don't mean to get personal...just wondering what's going on at night that is the most fun!

Thanks for sharing all your info with me! I'm just very excited! Just 3 weeks and 1 day till we sail!
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Old 11-04-2006, 01:47 PM
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Annie, 3 weeks. WOO HOO!!! I know you are as bad as I am. I was so excited, and I still am for my next cruise sometime in May. I LOVE it.

No. We didn't have a blow dryer. And no I didn't have any conditioner, but I use a moose in my hair so I quit using conditioner. The showers were so wonderful.

Our room was Riviera 46 I believe. It was actually an inside room with a pull down bunk bed. They had to bring in a roll away to make it into a full bed, and you won't believe this, but it was as wonderfully comfortable as the regular bed. The down comforters and pillows are incredible. We were 2 cabins down from the elevator and we barely heard any noise even being that close. Our cabin was in the center of the ship. (Less rocking). We didn't realize it was going to be a bunk bed cabin. Weird with all the checking I did, I didn't find that out. And you know what. We had a wonderful size room and so, so, so very comfortable.

I packed ALOT of clothes and yes I'm a shoe person. I wore everything except my one pair of jeans and one t-shirt. In fact, I had a HUGE trunk like suit case on wheels of course, and and little smaller size, and then another bag for my shoes a little smaller than that. A garment bag, and a bathroom bag. My husband had a small rolling bag and a garment bag, and then a smaller rolling bag carried all of our cokes and water.
I found it humid and perfectly warm. We also were told to carry a light jacket for on the deck, but it was only used on the rainy day at Galveston. I packed alot. I do not recommend that, and I won't over pack next time, I will just re-wear my clothes.
I wish I would have brought more shorts.
On our excursion in cozumel, I just wore my swim suit with a zip up cover because they met us right on the pier next to our ship. When we got back, I came in and showered and got dressed in shorts for the town.
I honestly didn't notice anyone else dressing much different than we do at home. I live in South Oklahoma, and it was cool here when I left.
My favorite place on the ship was always looking out over the Ocean. Anywhere there was ocean, I was there. But the mornings watching the sun come up on the back deck right off the Lido deck had to be my most memorable. We grabbed our coffee and just watched as the glory show began. Oh man. I'm already envious of you.
Oh. When we got there at 10:30 in the morning to board the ship in Galveston, we walked in expecting to be told it was going to be hours until we could board, but they didn't. We were first handed a piece of paper that said we could board immediatley and to enjoy a lunch up on the lido deck. We went right through the lines and got right on and everyone showed us where it was. We were told our room wouldn't be ready until 1, but we were so curious to see where our room was, that when we got down there, our porter said, "your room is ready. We were in there by 11:30 napping. We had just driven 5 hours and were exhausted. It was the beginning of a wonderful trip.
Well. I hope I helped. Let me know if theres anything else you want answered, and remember me when you go out there and watch our sun come up.
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Old 11-05-2006, 07:31 AM
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You are being so helpful with your great reviews! I can almost smell the ocean air!! I said ALMOST! ha! The ocean and sky are so beautiful when you look out and see them run together as one. Such beauty! It is really breathtaking. God did good! I WILL remember you and how much you also enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Definitely worth getting up early for! I know you can't wait for May to get to do it all over again. I know you and your family will have a wonderful time!! We also plan another cruise in May. The Conquest leaves Galveston May 13th, for Jamaica, Grand Caymon, and Cozumel. This will be a graduation gift for my daughter, but also a birthday gift for me....hitting the big 50!! WOW! Yes..true! Can't believe it, but true! Now everyone knows my age!! haha! I don't care...just glad to be here!!!!

We were originally booked on the Riviera Deck, but upgraded to the Main Deck, as far as I know. I don't know the location etc. yet. We haven't received our info yet. It's good to hear how much room you had, and how comfortable the beds are. We were very comfortable on the Celebration and the beds were also great. I slept like a baby!

About packing. First of all, did you have a real problem with your clothes wrinkling? And if so, did you use the spray on Wrinkle Release products you can buy now? And..if so..did it work?

I plan to take 1 very large suitcase, a garment bag and a overnight bag, that I will more than likely carry on. SURELY I can get everything I need in these! I think I will wear the clothes I wear on the ship to dinner the first night. Maybe. Is the second night formal night? Tuesday is casual, knock about on the ship stuff, and evening wear. Then Wednesday is Progresso...very casual clothes, something for dinner that night, Thursday is Cozumel..swim wear, cover up and casual clothes, dinner that night, Friday is always something to lay out and enjoy the last day on the water, and dinner again...something to wear off the ship...which COULD be something I've worn already..if I keep them pretty presentable!
So, basically 4 sets of casual wear, my formal wear, 3 dining room type outfits, and swimwear. I'll take at least 1 more outfit in case I rip a stitch, spill a drink or something! Oh and pj's of course...Is this pretty accurate? Then there's the whole shoe thing. Like I said...that's always a problem! My husband just shakes his head! He'll probably take 2 pairs of shoes! How can they do that???

Wow, I can't believe you got to board at 10:30. That's good to hear. The longer on the ship the better! I live about 2 hours from Galveston, so we can just get up get dressed and head out of here!

How much were T-shirts on the ship, or at the ports? Where were the best places with the best prices?

How long did the Catamaran party last? Did you have much time to do a little shopping? You told me you had time to shower and change your clothes, so I assumed you weren't too rushed.

Were you worried about the food and drink you had in Cozumel making you sick? I've heard even the ice in the drinks could be a problem.

Oh yeah....what was your favorite entertainment??

Well, I've written a book here, so I'll stop with all the questions!! Thanks so much! Have a great day!
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Old 11-06-2006, 02:41 AM
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I had several all cotton items that I was sure would wrinkle, so I starched them really good and took our steam iron. We never had to use the steam iron. We figured we would just for touch ups, but didn't. We had heard of the the wrinkle stuff in a bottle and I planned on getting it, but forgot.
2 pairs of shoes!!! How do they do it!!!!

You won't have far to go at all. That is great you only live 2 hrs away. You won't be worn out like we were. We were so excited the night before we hardly slept, then the 5 hr drive. I just don't like the whole checking into a hotel, getting everything out again and then packing again the next morning, and of course not liking their beds, or their showers, etc. But if I find a hotel that I get alot of feed back on that is wonderful, then I might do it. One lady on our ship had come from Tulsa, and they went the night before and was so relaxed, and their hotel shuttled them and their luggage to the ship for them and was there as soon as they got off the ship. That would have been great.

We also did the EZ Parking. I booked it online so it only cost us $35. They packed our luggage on the shuttle for us from our trunk, and then got us porters at the ship. It was great.

The T-shirts were around $11-19 dollars on the ship. And there were so many shops at Cozumel I couldn't begin to tell you where all to go. And they actually love to barder. They really do. And people come right up to you with T-shirts for $5. Some were very nice. We love them. We went to the information seminar on what to do and where to buy that the ship gave. They had coupons and everything. They are great. They give you a map of the towns, and where the best place for things. She's also at her desk several times a day where you can ask her then. They make sure your informed. I found it very helpful.

The catamaran. Okay. As soon as we got off the ship on the pier, the catamaran was right there, next to our ship. And that is where they drop you off 3.5 hrs later. There was a pick up time of either 8 or 9. We chose the 9:00 time because we heard how it could take you a long time to get off the ship. WRONG!! We got straight off. Walked around our ship and bam, there it was. So friendly. It was touristy, and they snorkling for me was not as nice as I heard it was before the hurricane. There were very few small fish. But the beach party was worth it. The hammocks were so nice...ahhhhh
But we won't do that again. We will try something else next time. We got back to the pier and walked over to our ship, 5 minutes top and right to our room, showered, dressed and back to the Island where we shopped leisurly. Back on ship in plenty of time. Nice.

As far as the food and drinks go, we prayed. We never had any problems that way. I think they are really trying to do away with all the bad hype so they go the extra miles. I had mexican shrimp fajitas and margaritas, and my husband had the chicken and beef faitas. It was oh so excellant. We ate right on the beach at Progresso. They had a daddy and son singing and playing a key board and the daddy played the bongo drums. It was so nice. Very caribbean.

Our favorite entertainment....I honestly can't decide. Maybe the comic. Its just like while your at home. You decide which movie to go to, like comedy, or vegas shows, etc. and you go. If you dont like them, walk out and go choose 101 other things to go do.

I know I over planned. Over fretted, thinking I wouldn't have to worry about it on board because I would be all prepared. Then they slip that wonderful itenerary under you door, and you just pick and choose, and wonder why you spent all that time trying to plan ahead.

Isn't cruising the best. I almost feel homesick for it.
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Old 11-06-2006, 04:25 AM
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Sherri, glad to hear you had a great time! We had a blast! Stuart, the cruise director, was so funny! During our last fun day, when the water was so choppy and so many people were feeling yucky, stuart, during the disembark talk, told the audience, "The captain has changed course a bit, to get to calmer waters, so we will be docking in Honolulu" lol! The next morning, after we had docked in Galveston, over the loudspeaker, stuart said, "WELCOME TO HONOLULU!!" lol!


Caribbean Islands Guide

Grand Lido Resorts: All Inclusive

Caribbean Hotel Reviews

Past cruises-

Ecstasy-October 2006
Splendour of the Seas- February 2007

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Old 11-06-2006, 05:21 AM
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Hi Sherri,

Well, you have been so helpful. I can almost feel the ship rocking when I read about your cruise!

I bet you were exhausted after your long trip to Galveston, but I don't blame you for not wanting to pack and unpack and pack again! At least you got on the ship early and got some rest.

I'm really looking forward more now to going to Progresso. You've made it sound so much more interesting and fun than I have heard in the past. About the food there...sounds great. I think it was Rodney who also told me about he and his wife eating there and the food was really good. I'm sure they do "go the extra mile" to make things safe for us tourist. Our money is a huge income for them!

Like you, I've tried to research every aspect of this trip, and I know things will change once we actually leave home. But...I sure feel well informed!

Thanks so much for sharing with me! I'm sure I'll have more questions the closer I get to leaving!

Have a good one...
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Old 11-06-2006, 09:11 AM
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Did you carry on your garment bags or check them?
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