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yankeeso 03-05-2008 03:32 PM

Has anyone taken a helicopter tour of Kauai? Kauai is the last island I need to make a shore excursion booking for and I'm seriously thinking about the helicopter tour. Is it worth the price, and how hard is it to take pictures?

Bem1962 03-05-2008 05:53 PM

My wife and I did the Helicopter tour a few years ago, It was awesome, there were 4 of us plus the pilot, it is his choice but one person sits in co-pilot seat, with full view, great for photos, or in the rear there are 2 windows for photo, tour was almost all over island ,and a MUST do.

Firefighter 03-05-2008 07:34 PM

It's been 10 years since I honeymooned on Kaui and I completely agree with Bem. We did the helicopter tour the first day. It gave us a great orientation of the island, so we knew exactly where things were and how to plan the rest of the trip. Scenery was incredible - well worth the $$$!

Dwayne 03-06-2008 01:12 AM

Hi Firefighter, and Welcome to Cruise-Chat!

Here is a link to the Carnival shore excursion being discussed. I wish I wasn't afraid of heights as it sure does look incredible.


penny3333 03-06-2008 06:40 AM

It is a totally awesome experience, and the best way to see the island. You can't take in the magnificence of the water falls any other way. It is expensive, but in my opinion the best way to take in all of the scenery in a short period of time. Plus, helicopters are a blast to fly in!

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