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bubbles1209 03-17-2006 11:24 PM

We are going on our first cruise ever in June, we only need birth certificates as of right now. I read in another post somewhere that your birth certificate and driver's license had to match. My license does not have my maiden name on it, I kept my married name from my previous marriage so the kids and I would have the same legal last name. Is this going to be a problem? have my old marriage certificate showing my maiden name and who I married, will I need it? Thanks for your help!

Dave 03-18-2006 02:18 AM


What they are looking for is the booking name to match the birth certificate and photo ID name. If all three of these match then you'd be fine. If not, then you need to be able to show a paper trail of some sort to explain the name differences - such as a marriage license.

I get conflicting reports on whether or not the marriage license is always asked for, but it is just another piece of paper to carry and if the possibility existed that someone might raise a question I'd bring the marriage license along on the trip.

Another thing - do you have legal custody of the kids? If they are going on the cruise with you you may also be asked to prove that your ex-husband has no custody rights or if he does have rights that he has approved your leaving the country with the children.

NancyN 03-18-2006 05:21 AM

Birth certificates and driver's license for most married women will not match (for obvious reasons). The cruise lines are quite aware of that. However, since you will have your children's Birth Certificates with you, your maiden name will be on their BC's (problem solved).

Dave does bring up another good point though. If your ex has any custodial rights, you should have something in writing (notarized) that indicates he approves the trip. You may not need it, but you could be denied boarding if you get a particularly rigid agent checking you in.

As another safety measure - complete Carnival's "Fun Pass" embarkation online and you will be able to breeze through check-in without any hassles.


bubbles1209 03-18-2006 09:59 AM

I have full custody of my daughter, so I'm not worried about that, will take a copy of divorce settlement if i need to

Luv to cruise 03-18-2006 10:44 AM

It is well worth the money to get a pass port. You still have time

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