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Charming 09-12-2007 06:10 AM
Just a little note to say "Hi", as I've finally become a user instead of just a lurker. We are going on our first cruise Feb 16th but my husband doesn't know yet. I am giving him the cruise for Christmas.

penny3333 09-12-2007 06:40 AM

Hi Charming, welcome to Cruise-Chat. What a wonderful Christmas gift. I'm sure you know by now that cruising is addictive. Hope your first cruise is a wonderful experience for you. I'll bet you'll be hooked like the rest of us! Best wishes!

Charming 09-12-2007 06:48 AM

Thanks for the welcome! I'm sure that my husband will want a whole group of us to go on the next one. He has a very addictive personality.

LHP 09-12-2007 06:50 AM

Welcome ...welcome!!

We will be on the Imagination for a B2B shortly before y'all!

Excellent ship selection since it will be AFTER the Waterworks *(and Adult only) refit!!

Charming 09-12-2007 08:02 AM

I was quite excited to learn that Imagination is going to be getting a tune up before we go. I wouldn't have known the difference but it's nice to know that things will be all spruced up for us.

Larry in Miami 09-13-2007 04:56 AM

I was just on the Imagination, they said this will be a major referb (100 million dollars). It will be in dry dock for five weeks.

Charming 09-13-2007 05:06 AM

100 million!!! Oh my goodness, I guess it's more than a spit and polish.

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