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first time cruiser jen 07-27-2010 08:19 PM

This is my first time on a cruise and I had a few questions about this cruise.
1. If I prepaid gratuties, will I need to pay extra gratuties to anyone?? How does this work? Will I need to bring dollar bills with me?
2. Do you need a lot of cash with you?
3. We did not purchase any shore excurisions,but were looking to get off the boat and go to a beach- any suggestions?
4. Any suggestions for "must pack" items??
5. What do they charge per alcoholic drink?
6. What do they charge per beer?
Thanks for the help!

tim c 07-28-2010 04:20 AM

On the Pre pay tips.. You can give extra to anyone you want.otherwise no you dont need to pay ANYONE,they are paid..We do give a $1.00 to whom ever delivers our room service.. Carnival pays out your tips for you..As for how much cash. It depends on you.. We take about $400.00 for a 7day cruise and we always come back some..As for as beach time.. I would suggest that you purchase the beach excursion with CARNIVAL. You are a first time cruiser. Til you are a seasoned one and know the ropes better to be safe then sorry. Cozumel has a great one,the
Playa beach break $35.00 and up..Must pack.. Sunblock.water camera.swim suit.maybe a hair dryer(you can check on that one)Asprin and bandaids..You can bring soft drinks if they are in your carry on..Drinks start around $6.00 and up.. I mever buy beer so i dont know about that one.. My motto is if you dont have fun on a was your fault. Get involved with all the activites and you will have a blast..Your first cruise is a learning one.The more you go the easier they get!

penny3333 07-28-2010 05:38 AM

Hi first time cruiser jen, welcome to Cruise-Chat! Congratulations on your upcoming cruise. Take a look in our FAQ section at the bottom of the main page, most of your questions are answered there. I think your ports are Cozumel and Progresso? Cozumel is very doable on your own. You can grab a cab and go to Chankanaab Park or Paradise Beach. There is an entrance fee to Chankanaab, $19/pp. There is no fee at Paradise, but you can buy a package for various activities, chairs, etc. I prefer Chankanaab because the snorkeling is better, but I like snorkeling. Progresso, either take a ship's excursion or just go to the beach.

Hope you have a wonderful cruise!

Rodney 07-28-2010 07:03 AM

Hi Jen. Our first cruise was on the Ecstacy out of Galveston to Progreso and Cozumel. Great ship, and it has been refurbished, so things are newer. We went on the ship's tour to Dzibilchaltun ruins in Progreso, because it was not as long of a bus ride and we still got to experience some Mayan ruins. It was a great excursion and we really thought it was worth the time and money. Most cruisers will tell you Cozumel is an easy port to venture on your own....and it is. We have gone to Paradise Beach two times on our own...took a taxi and had a relaxing time there. There are always taxis there waiting in line to take people back to the ship...just watch your time and don't be late! The ship will not wait for you. You can google Cozumel Beaches and see what there is to choose from if you want a nice beach day. Go,,and have fun!

Dwayne 07-28-2010 08:41 PM


5. What do they charge per alcoholic drink?
6. What do they charge per beer?
HERE is a link to a Bar menu that was from earlier this year. The prices should still be mostly in that range with a few possible increases.

If you pre-paid the Gratuities you won't need to pay anyone more. The service crew's pay is mostly based on the Gratuities, so don't be surprised to find yourself wanting to give them extra for the extraordinary service. And of course, a cash tip is in order for Room Service. By all means keep some singles handy if you intend to use Room Service. The minimum tip for me is $2 for coffee and or tea and some danish. I tip more for larger orders. Don't fret none if you don't have any singles, just write the tip on the ticket and they'll charge it to your account.

The most important "must-pack" item is a good attitude, I call it my "cruise-attude". Keep an open mind and be patient while getting used to how things work on a cruise ship. You are getting ready to have the time of your life on a FUN SHIP.


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