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18andacruiseaddict 11-27-2006 06:07 PM

any1 any1. we just made the reservations today!!!!! deck 10

Lil' Lori 11-27-2006 06:35 PM

Hi I'll go if you can squeeze me into your suitcase. I might fit before the cruise, but I doubt after. So, did it take lots of buttering up your mom? Strong work on that! It paid off. I will be doing a short 3 night over new years on the Paradise, with another couple who have never cruised before. This will be our first time on carnival. I am really looking forward to our short, but oh so sweeeeeet cruise. Happy Holidays, Lil' Lori

18andacruiseaddict 11-27-2006 07:09 PM

lol yea it did lori. but not really because i contacted carnival and told them to call the house when she got home ( i did this while at school today). and as sooon as she walked in the door, the phone rang and it was a carnival travel agent. so she made the reservations and paid for it and the flight and it was all done in less than 1 hr. in 24 hours. lol. so u got a new years cruise sounds like a blast. i was on a carnival last christmas vacation for a week and the next day when we docked back home was christmas and i was walking on main street in disney world. and i am done packing (lol i am so excited) less than 4 will be showing the couple that hasnt cruised before all about cruising huh.

18andacruiseaddict 11-30-2006 05:54 AM

anybody? its four weeks from now. somebody has to be booked on that that is on this board. comeon people! lol

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