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OldNSalty 05-10-2011 03:48 PM

No insurance-need to cancel. Now what?
I recall when we booked the trip my wife asked about insurance and I said “If we have to cancel it would have to be something serious so I am not going to worry about it.”

Well now I am 40 days out and $3300 in and my wife is on her second week in the hospital due to unforeseen heart problems. The good news is, we have gone from talking about dying to ‘We are optimistic she could make a full recovery in time.” but it is doubtful that “in time” is within the next 39 days.

So I called Travelocity and they basically said I was SOL. I could either leave her or I could let them keep half and no one goes.

So I called Carnival, they gave me a fax number and told me to ‘fax in my story and someone would make a judgment call on it.’ So my question are, has anyone done this-am I wasting my time? I really would be OK with a voucher for a later date if they couldn’t do a full refund but for now I just don’t see that we will be able to make the trip.

Any advice?

Dwayne 05-10-2011 04:04 PM

So sorry to hear of this situation. Firstly, I hope your wife makes a full recovery. It's hard to say if you'd be wasting your time. I have heard of them making exceptions for extenuating circumstances on occasion, so I would give it a try. Make sure to include a Dr.'s note with the communication. Best of luck with this.


Sandy 05-10-2011 04:10 PM

Sorry to hear about your wife's heart problems, but I'm really happy that her situation isn't as bleak as first thought. That's the most important thing, which I'm sure you're keeping in mind.

It's never a waste of time to try to plead your case, and perhaps you'll get a sympathetic supervisor. But since the whole point of insurance is to protect your investment in case of unforeseen medical emergencies, I wouldn't be too surprised if they don't do as much as you'd like. It's possible they'll transfer some of your money to a future sailing, but it's certainly not something they do often. And the closer you get to sailing, the more money they keep, until the money becomes completely non-refundable. Depending on the ship and sailing, this could be 15 days prior to sailing or more.

Please keep us posted and let us know how your wife is doing, and whether Carnival is willing to do anything.

MCPayne 05-10-2011 05:06 PM

Sorry to hear about your wife's health.

Like Sandy stated, it can't hurt to at least try to fax something to Carnival. However, like Dwayne stated, a doctor's note might help as well. It would be ideal if the doctor's note was written on either a letterhead, or prescription blank, so Carnival can verify that if you get a sympathetic supervisor.

macmom111 05-10-2011 06:45 PM

I might have this wrong but if you booked early saver I think you can change to another date for a small fee.... couse like I said I might be wrong

penny3333 05-11-2011 08:32 AM

OldNSalty, I am so sorry to hear about your wife's condition, but am VERY glad to hear that she's improving. I agree, it's worth a try, but if they don't come through for you, please know that it's not because they're out to get you. I pray that they'll work with you. Please, remember, insurance is always the best thing to have. You never know when you'll need it. (No, I'm not an insurance agent:) ). We just went through a huge outbreak of tornadoes in our area, totally unforseen. There are people with homes destroyed that didn't have insurance. It's just tragic.

I'm pulling for you!

Dwayne 05-11-2011 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by macmom111 (Post 287902)
I might have this wrong but if you booked early saver I think you can change to another date for a small fee.... couse like I said I might be wrong

It is confusing. For the benefit of all readers I will attempt to explain how it works. Early Saver Rate Bookings can be changed for a $50 Service fee per person (no name changes) prior to the penalty (final due date) period. After that normal penalties apply.

If this would have been out side of penalty, it would be just a case of canceling the cruise with a full refund of monies paid if not Early Saver.

If things don't work out, they could possibly sell the cruise if it is not an Early Saver rate booking. I think the name change fee is $50 per person, though I am not certain.

Following Penny's lead, I will disclose that I do not work for Carnival. I just stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. :)

Jim C. 05-12-2011 08:43 AM

It's also possible Carnival will offer you to change the cruise date (for a change fee) You will probably have to agree to use the changed cruise in the next year or something but its better than being out the money.

I won't harp on the insurance thing. Like you said.. you had every intention on going on the cruise so you didn't think you needed it.

I wish her a quick recovery!

Casanova frankenstein 05-13-2011 09:31 AM

I am sorry about your wife I can only hope she gets better, I almost had the same problem last year because of a last minute problem At that time I had the idea: "that maybe you can call Carnival and change your booking so another family member can go with you like your son, a good friend with all the documents needed..."

I like to make a note just for people outside USA,

I am from Puerto Rico and so far the insurance companies that I have call, do not insurance my trip because they don't include my island in their sevices even carnival don't do it, I have already pass my due date and so for me, I have to go cruising hoping nothing happens and is the same case with the carnival credit card you can get nautical miles but it does not work on Puerto Rico.

Just a friendly recomendation:

I consider that Carnival should look this problem because I travel every year on their cruises and I had enjoy each and everyone of them, but I cannot use their nautical miles or cruise insurance, and believe me, I had tried on each one of my cruise and the answer everytime is the same...

OldNSalty 06-25-2011 05:17 PM

Just wanted to update everyone.

My wife recovered enough to make the trip so I can't say what Carnival would have done. It was a challenge at times as she isn't at 100% yet but probably no worse then some senior cruisers have it. It was almost full time work for me caring for her and our 2 children but well worth it for them.

Just a note for those traveling with medical equipment. My wife is still using a machine at night that generates O2 from the air to help her breath-it is about the size of a carry-on. We either red on Carnivals web-site or were told by their agent that we would have to carry this item o ourselves. We did, but when we reached the scanners we were told it had to be checked so the dogs could sniff it. I am not sure what the correct procedure is.

Any way, I'll post more. I have some other questions.

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