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todd ham 05-15-2011 06:36 PM

Ordering Liquor
I heard you can order liquor from bon boy and it will be delivery to your room when you arrive to your cabin is this true.

Dave 05-15-2011 06:58 PM

You can order a limited amount of bottled liquor prior to your cruise by calling the Bon Voyage Department at 800-522-7648. Have your cruise booking number, personal info, and credit card ready.

bb088 07-21-2011 06:36 PM

is there a website for this bon voyage department? The alcohol won't be confiscated? Thanks for the information!

Cruise Fanatic 07-21-2011 07:22 PM

Carnival Gifts | Carnival Services | Carnival Cruise Lines No, it won't be confiscated.

Dwayne 07-21-2011 09:33 PM

It has to be ordered by calling the number Dave posted. It will be waiting in your cabin with a few exceptions as some states have regulations concerning this. In those cases it will be delivered the second day. The Skyy Vodka was waiting. :)

Sonny V 07-21-2011 09:51 PM

Too bad Royal Caribbean doesn't have a Bon Voyage department.

Jim C. 07-24-2011 11:25 AM

Dwayne... any idea as to which states don't allow this? I was thinking of ordering something for my upcoming cruise from Galveston, but if Texas does not allow them to do this then I might not bother. I will go look at the bon voyage website to see if I can answer my own question but thought I would ask.

Well I did see a note on their site under a beer package that "due to liquor laws in ALabama and Texas" these items can not be delivered until the second day.

Dwayne 07-24-2011 04:54 PM

Yes, it is Alabama and Texas. They are not allowed to deliver it for embarkation. They could possibly deliver it later that evening, but I wouldn't count on it until the second day. They also have mixers available.

Jim C. 07-24-2011 06:00 PM

Think I will order myself a bottle of Jack.... Even at the outrageous price I am sure they will charge, at $7.50 a glass I think I can make it up buying in bulk!

Some of the laws here in the bible belt are a bit whacked. No car dealership can be open Sunday. You can't buy any liquor before 1PM on Sunday (Which can be an issue during football season... I love how other people think they can legalize their moral beliefs.

417rogers 07-29-2011 11:38 AM

29 Days till Carnival Dream, this will be our first time on Carnival, looking forward to the experience. I called the Bon Voyage number this morning. It was very easy as others had mentioned...thanks!! Press #1 after the main menu. Bottle of Rum & Crown Royal thank you very much! Gave the guy our booking number and credit card #...that easy. He never asked for our stateroom (Cove balcony) but he had all our info once he looked up our reservation. Strange that you can't pre-order soda passes on Carnival, just coupons. We will just get them once on-board for our kids. Oh well at least you can bring pop (12-pack) and a bottle of wine on board (1 per adult).

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