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Casanova frankenstein 08-03-2011 07:30 PM

WIFI Southern Caribbean
Hi Guys

I will write my review about my last cruise, carnival Victory, dividing it in usefull parts. Over the years the internet has become a great tool for comunication and looking to get cheaper rates I found a few ideas about the WIFI in the southern caribbean Islands:

Puerto Rico:

Well if you have an Ipad, like myself, the 3G On your system should be more than enough to cover you all the way from Puerto Rico to St Thomas, even at sea. On my last cruise I used my 3G service with no problems I even logged in to the Forum and made a few posts.

There is one great problem:

The Ipad 3G service won't let me to use my Facetime app and that is a build in situation in the ipad. So in order to make video calls you will have to get around it. Well thanks to my wife we have another internet 3G service.

I used The MIFI (Virgin Mobile) in order to make video calls, this one will work with no problems all the way from Puerto Rico to st Thomas and will let you do the video calls no problems until you get to st Thomas. In st Thomas this will not work there is no service as soon as you get to port.

St Thomas

You will find a WIFI service in Heavensight mall but it will cost you, they charge around $25 for seven days but it will only work on the island so is not a good option if you are going only for one day, my advice is to wait until your next port of call, Barbados.


Well here you are lucky they have free wifi service on the mall near to the ship. I even use it with Facetime app and work perfectly without any charges is a good choice for any internet situation you need and is free.

St. Lucia

Well here there is a WIFI service but you need a password. You will need to ask someone for it, I found a few fellow cruisers using it so my guess is you have to ask the port information desk in order to get the password and use it.

st Kitts

There is a CAFE very near to the ship that offers free full WIFI, you will have to buy something there but they have a really great food there so is a win-win situation. Also like Barbados you will have no trouble.

st. Martin

Well I did not detected any WIFI but there are a few places near port that offers free wifi so my guess you just have to walk around a little in order to have service in the island.

As for the carnival Service

Well is a slow service because is a satellite service and many of the sites will be around 56 kbps internet speed here are the prices,
Remember to add the activation fee, I think it was around $4 to $5 depending on the ship plus the service fee:

100 minutes $55

250 minutes $100

pay as you go $0.75 per minute

When you get back from st Martin to Puerto Rico during Saturday the very same night you can use the 3G service of the ipad or the MIFI option without any trouble as soon as you get near st thomas.

as for the IPAD users

Download the carnival APP before you get to the ship because this will let you locate your ship at any moment during the cruise, it even have good packing tips, ship overviews, ect
It can be very usefull specially for new cruisers before your cruise.

well later on I will post a few pics and more tips about the carnival Victory thats all for now thanks

Dwayne 08-04-2011 03:48 AM

Welcome back Cas! Thanks for the great information!

Hope you and family had a great time,


penny3333 08-04-2011 10:13 AM

Welcome home, Cas. That's is very useful information and I'm so glad you posted it. When I'm on vacation, all internet access is gone, all phones off, no email and no contact with the states. So, it's a great service you've provided to our members. I really don't want to see a computer while I'm at sea, so I cannot answer their questions. Now I'll be able to:)

Pagoogle 12-11-2011 09:41 PM

Thank you
Thank you for such a thorough posting! Wish all were like this one xx

CruiseDad 12-12-2011 07:03 PM

Thanks Cas. Where do I download the Carnival App for my Ipad

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