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tim c 02-20-2012 04:05 AM

Fuel supplement
I cannot see why the cruiselines will not bring back the fuel supplement charge. The direction that fuel is headed for a record in history does'nt help matters. They say $5.00 a gallon by memorial day. And diesel cost WAY more than regular gas.. I just believe they have to do this to offset the rise of cost.. My personel feelings are that like a plane ticket you are locked in at that price,nothing can be added after you pay the amount due Now if you owe a balance then I can see that you can be issued a charge.. We have already paid off our cruise for november and have already bought the plane tickets to miami (under $200.00 a person for airline tix) because I am worried that Airlines tickets are getting really ready to blow up.. But since my cruise fare is paid off. I think you should be locked in.. It will really suck if oneday I log in to and see that I now owe $140.00 again because they brought back the charge when I had a $0.00 balance..

Dave 02-20-2012 06:31 AM

The barrel price for crude is the deciding factor. Gasoline could be $6 a gallon but if the crude price is still around $100-$110 I do not see the cruise line supplement being imminent. Remember, gasoline and diesel pump prices have many factors involved such as refinery outages each spring for maintenance and to switch over to the more costly summer fuel blends legally required in many places.

Cruise ships normally burn 'Heavy Bunker C' fuel which is the lowest grade fuel, sludge really, that comes from a barrel of oil. They'll use diesel when in port or where required by local law, such as territorial waters, especially in Alaska and California.

All of that said, I agree that any fuel supplements that do reappear should not be retroactive to those who have already paid for their cruises. However, the contract language in most cases does give the cruise line the right to charge it to every passenger.

As for air fare...I hate flying these days. Cruise Fanatic was telling me how airfare to south Florida from Nashville has gone up something like 400% in the case of one airline, in less than a year.

tim c 02-20-2012 01:43 PM

That is intresting about the sludge diesel.. And I have 4 people that need to fly out of nashville that week and it is $400.00!!.. Here in atlanta I got $193.00 :)... Looks like they will have to come here...

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