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Billbo 03-14-2013 12:26 PM

What would it take?
With each Carnival mishap, I hear "I'll still cruise Carnival," "Passengers and the media exaggerate," "Bookings are still strong," etc.

What would it take...what would need to happen...before people stop booking...that the overall bookings go down? What would finally dissuade you as a potential or otherwise loyal Carnival cruiser from booking a cruise?

I ask because it is interesting to me to read here the resilient attitudes of Carnival customers. I've not cruised Carnival (yet). Seems like a loyal following.

Back to the question...what would it take?

Dave 03-14-2013 05:50 PM

To answer the question: A pervasive decline in service aboard the ships or reliability of the ships systems. We aren't even in the ballpark yet.

Media focus causes some people to think the 'ship disaster of the moment' is the only cruise ship at sea. I haven't counted them but I imagine in the past month - covering both the Triumph and Dream cruises - Carnival has had about 100 perfectly fine cruises start and end as opposed to 1 that didn't go well (Triumph) and another one that was just a mild annoyance (Dream).

Jim C. 03-18-2013 06:58 AM

I agree with Dave. (And I was on the Triumph "Cruise from Heck") People also keep saying "why does Carnival have these problems when other cruise lines don't" Which has a simple answer... other cruise lines do have these problems. RCI has had fires aboard a ship. And one ran aground (in Bermuda I think). But the other reason is that Carnival simply has more ships in their fleet. RCI (with Celebrity) = 33 ships All the Carnival brands- 89 ships...

It's unfortunate that so many issues are happening at once, but its interesting how no one has counted how long those 89 ships have sailed week after week with no incidents.

Boneman 03-18-2013 01:18 PM

For me, it would have been a repeat of a cruise we took on Conquest in November of 2011. The staff were very rude to the point of making our trip miserable. We sailed on her again last week and it was the total opposite with a great crew who went overboard to make our trip very enjoyable. Had we sailed on her again and it had been a repeat of 2011, I would have switched to a different line. A few mechanical problems would not cause me to switch as this could happen to any line and I believe the way in which Carnival handled those situations were about as good as any of them would have been. I don't believe $500 compensation was enough for missed time off from work, but other than that, it was equitable. I will say that the only other line I have cruised on is NCL and I did like them better than Carnival, but not for the price difference. So for that reason, we stick with Carnival. Can't wait to sail on the Dream in October!

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