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vacationbound 06-01-2009 02:09 PM

I was just wanting people's opinion(food, entertainment, supper club) on this ship. I wanted to do a Princess cruise to Alaska, but because of the price my wallet says stick with Carnival. When is the best time to go May or September?

Jim C. 06-01-2009 02:18 PM

Can't go wrong with the Spirit. Its a great ship. Perfect size for the Alaska cruises.

I can't say which month is better for the trip, you are risking unfavorable weather either way. Choose late May or early September to minimize that chance.

Cruise Fanatic 06-01-2009 05:54 PM

Weather is always "iffy". May could be possibly cooler but baby animals are coming out in May. September also could be cooler (I went one time Sep 6-13th), my weather was a little cooler, and a little rain, but not bad, sweat shirts and jackets. September is a better time to go for a chance to see the Northern Lights.

vacationbound 06-01-2009 06:33 PM

Well, I just found out my school schedule will only allow me to go on the June 22, 2010 sailing. Is there much difference concerning the weather and sightseeing? What should I pack for "iffy" weather? Thank you for your help.

wooddon 06-01-2009 07:52 PM

Hi, we went from June 8th and the weather was ideal. There was never any rain and the temperature was around 15C at every port. This was in 2007. We were very surprise that the further north you went, the warmer it got. We did the land tour afterward and was in Fairbanks on June 21st and it was around 30C and we had to put our shorts on for the two days we were in town.

Cruise Fanatic 06-01-2009 08:40 PM

"Iffy" means you need to take a combination of clothing. June 22nd you very possibly could have beautiful weather in the 70's. But you need to also have long sleeves, jackets, clothes you can layer. Always pack an umbrella or rain poncho.

Sam45701 06-28-2009 03:46 PM

I just got back from this cruise three weeks ago! I had the BEST time. The staff was great! By all means spend the extra money to enjoy the supper club. It was the best meal I had on the ship. The meals in the dinning room were good. I had many meals on the Lido deck as I didn't want to miss any of the amazing scenery.

Pack clothes you can layer. You will need a rain poncho/jacket and a hat. A couple of the days I was in port the weather got into the mid to high 70's.

Enjoy the cruise. I would love to go back!

Cruise Fanatic 06-28-2009 06:48 PM

Hi Sam
Welcome to Cruise-Chat. Glad to hear you had a great cruise.

vacationbound 06-28-2009 11:38 PM

Hey Sam! Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you had a great time. What was your favorite port?

Sam45701 06-30-2009 02:16 PM


Originally posted by vacationbound:
Hey Sam! Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you had a great time. What was your favorite port?
Sitka is my favorite port. I had taken this cruise about 10 years ago on a smaller ship. Sitka was smaller and had less visitors, but the town is still quaint and picturesque. I also enjoy the russian history of this port.

If you plan to take excursions, I suggest the wildlife adventure in Sitka. You will see sea otters, puffins, and maybe whales and bears.

When in Ketchikan, I did the zip line tour. It was AWESOME! If you're not afraid of heights, I highly recommend this tour.

Juneau is where I took Harv & Marv's whale watching tour. They only take 6 persons on the tour. We saw eagles and 4 whales. At the end of the tour they will drop you off at Mendenahll glacier.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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