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Boneman 08-22-2010 06:32 AM

We are interested in going to Dunns River Falls, take the sky lift up Magic Mountain and then Bob Sled down. There are two that offer similar things. One is with bob sledding and the other is not. The one that doesn't offer bob sledding is a moderate level and the one with is harder. I can't imagine the bob sled making the exertion level go up like that. I know my wife can't make it up the rocks, but can you always take the steps, no matter which excursion you choose?

Jim C. 08-22-2010 12:05 PM

Yes, there is a wooden walk way (with stairs) next to the falls that your wife could walk up and "watch you" climb. There are also several places along the climb where you can climb out of the falls and get onto the stairs if she want to try to go a little bit.

As far as the bob sled run... it is probably label as more strenuous because the road the sleds run on is not the smoothest. So there is a lot of jarring bumps ...

Boneman 08-22-2010 02:35 PM

Thanks so much for your reply! We are looking forward to this trip!

drlivingston 08-24-2010 07:02 AM

I watched "Cool Runnings" again and fear that I will not be able to participate in the bobsled aspect of that excursion. OUCH!

f-mattox 08-24-2010 09:14 AM

Cute movie though.

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