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lv2travel 01-02-2010 06:50 PM

Our first cruise was on Royal Caribean and when we entered the ship there were opportunities to purchase a wine package for dinner at a discount and a pop/soda deal with a thermal cup (it wasw called a "limited time offere") are these offers on Carnival Miracle too and if yes, what is the opinion on their value? Any other suggestions to purchase anything before leaving or how to obtain money saving deals? Thanks for your help

SheilaB 01-03-2010 07:23 AM

Carnival also has the soda deal. When we went on the Inspiration the stand was right outside the lunch buffet so you could not miss it. My husband is hooked on fountain drinks - the ship serves coke products. It was worth the money for us, but if you don't drink much soda (at least 3 a day) it may not be worth it for you. The price also depends on the length of your cruise. You might look at this past post for more information.

I have also seen that Carnival offers a wine package - try this webpage I hope that helps. Happy cruising!!!!

macmom111 01-03-2010 08:16 AM

we bring our own soft drinks on board. You can purchase a bottle of wine at dinner on the first day of the cruise and they will keep it for you and serve you wine with your dinner from the original bottle every night until it runs out.

vietvet 01-03-2010 09:08 AM

We usually get a bottle of wine the first night and then have a glass when we want it. It usually lasts us three nights.We don't go to the dinning room if get have a late day in port so it work's out fine for us this way.

lv2travel 01-04-2010 11:18 AM Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it!

lv2travel 01-04-2010 11:20 AM you for your suggestions, I think we will do the same. Thanks

lv2travel 01-04-2010 11:21 AM

I looked at the web page and I think that is a similair set up that we had on Royal Caribean so we will look into it. thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

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