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momof6gals 03-02-2010 11:29 AM

Some in our party are very nervous about getting off the ship at Ocho you have any comment?

vietvet 03-02-2010 11:44 AM

Don't wander to far away from the port. If I remember correctly the have some shops right there near the pier.

Cruise Fanatic 03-02-2010 11:51 AM

I suppose you are referring to comments on the safety of Jamaica? I personally think it often is blown out of proportion. Yes, people can come up and ask you if you want to buy drugs. Does it happen all the time? No. Within two blocks of the ship is a shopping area with a Margaritaville and a beach. Also, if you take a ships organized tour to Dunns River Falls or other tour you should be perfectly fine. Jamaica happens to be one of the top honeymoon destinations, so it can't be all bad. Thousands of Americans visit Jamaica each week. There is a lot to do in Jamica. Plantations, blue mountains, horse back riding, the Dunn Falls, snorkeling,and kayaking. You might want to check out a day pass for one of the all inclusive resorts. As with any place you should stick together, don't wear flashy jewelry, leave valuables in the cabin safe. Only take enough cash to get you through the day. There's no reason you can't enjoy yourself.

penny3333 03-02-2010 02:04 PM

Hi momof6gals, welcome to Cruise-Chat! Congratulations on your upcoming cruise, just be warned, cruising is addictive

Dunn's River Falls is a great excursion. I think Jamaica is a beautiful island. It's just like being in any large city, you just have to be aware. Stay in a group and preferrably with a ship sponsored excursion.

Have a great time and a marvelous cruise!

vietvet 03-02-2010 03:00 PM

Yes alot of honeymooners go there. To an all inclusive resort like Sandals or one of the others. They do not for the most part fly over there and just wander around. Please be very careful, and as I said don't wander fat from the ship.Lets put it this way I am ex- Army Airborne and not to many folks scare me. But I do not wander around Jamaica or The Bahamas.

Dwayne 03-02-2010 05:33 PM

I did a ship tour that combined the rain forest with the falls. I think it was this one, or the equivalent. The port was a little scary with people yelling in all directions. They kept us in a group and it was okay from a safety standpoint. This was several years back though before they added more security at the port area, and the Margaritaville beach. I have to agree with not wondering very far if at all from the port facility.


Frase 03-07-2010 11:03 PM

I wonder if they still have that lobster restaurant near the port in Ocho Rios? I read about it here, on Cruise Chat. I think it was called "Lobster Bob's", or something similar.

penny3333 03-08-2010 09:36 AM

I think it was Dave's Lobster, might be wrong, but the Google search turned up nothing since 2007. The last time we were in Ocho Rios, we just did a snorkeling excursion and went back to the ship. Jamaica is a beautiful island, just don't like hanging around unless I'm on an excursion.

LHP 03-12-2010 01:36 PM is my story...

we have gone to Jamaica for years.

In January 2008, we were headed to Ocho Rios and decided not to get off the ship. We just did not want the hassle.

Well, as fate would have it...I remembered that I had lost my refrigerator magnet from Ocho Rios off the ship we go.

(we are not excursion people)

I have to say that I was VERY pleasantly surprised. As we walked off the ship, out of the port and onto the main person asked POLITELY if we needed a taxi and one person asked POLITELY if I needed my hair braided. (it is very long)

When we said no thank you, both POLITELY said "have a good day".

I was SHOCKED. So we walked to the Island Village (good sidewalks and not very far) where Margaritaville is. We had a wonderful day there. No solicitors are allowed in this "large open air mall area". Lots of stores and bar/restaurants.

As we were leaving the Village, one person asked if we needed a taxi (again POLITELY) and we said no thank you.

We walked back to the ship without another person asking us for anything.

We asked the manager at a jewelry store where we were looking for Breitling watches and he said that the local government had really cracked down. They had undercover folks acting like tourist and if a taxi or vendor was to aggressive they would lose their license.

Now this was Jan 2008....and this DOES NOT apply to Montego Bay. (we are headed there in May and won't get off the ship)

I hope you find Ocho Rios still has their act together because we had a lovely day there.

Dwayne 03-12-2010 02:29 PM

Thank you LHP for the report.


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