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SheilaB 01-07-2010 11:08 AM Hello! We are going on our 4th cruise this summer in June 2010 and I was wondering about the spa. I have seen posts from other people who have taken workout classes and visited the sauna - but I do not see any prices listed on the website for that. I am guessing that there are no "free" services except perhaps using the gym equipment. Does anyone have more information?

Dwayne 01-07-2010 12:30 PM

Hello SheilaB,

The following classes are included in your cruise fare (free); subject to participation and availability to the best of my knowledge.

Aerobics class
Step Aerobics
Total Body Conditioning
Absolute Abs
Sunrise Morning Stretch

There is a $12.00 charge per class for these:

Pathway to Yoga
Cycling class
Kick Boxing

Use of the sauna is also included in your cruise fare (free).

Hope this helps.


lifeisgd 01-07-2010 03:20 PM

Hello Sheila B,
I usually visit the spa and take the free classes on every cruise I have been on and they are usually fun, and you get to meet other people who often have things in common with you such as...
wanting to get some exercise between all those meals

I have also taken some of the 12.00 classes and found that they are enjoyable as well and actually cheaper than at some gyms. So, hope you try them and have fun!

SheilaB 01-07-2010 06:24 PM

I have been missing out!!!! Thank you so much for the info. That is going to be one of my first stops the day we board. I am really excited about taking some classes.

Dwayne 01-07-2010 06:54 PM

You are welcome. The (free) classes do vary with the ships and itineraries. My last cruise was a 5 day on the Fascination and we had "Stretch and Relax" every day. I would go to the Spa on the first day and ask for the class schedule so you can plan. The classes will also be listed in the Capers in the "Today-at-a-Glance" section.


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