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Marylovestocruise 09-02-2010 02:10 PM

I would love to hear from anyone who has been on the past Blogger's Cruises. I booked with the PBL code but I'm wondering how the group 'connects.'

Is John Heald going to be the cruise director? What kinds of activities can I expect? I'm very excited to meet him and the other followers of his blog.

I also intend to eat a hamburger!!!

Thanks for your input,

Dwayne 09-02-2010 02:14 PM

Hi Mary, I know LHP went on the Dream one I had to cancel. I'll give her a ping.

The hamburgers will live on.

LHP 09-03-2010 07:25 AM


First of all, I might be able to save you some money. Since Carnival's system would only take ONE "CODE"....when they started booking this cruise...cruisers could not be listed as part of the Blogger's Cruise AND get the Past Guest or Military Discount.

That has been make sure you get the PAST GUEST discount...and you will be included in the Blogger's Activites. You don't have to have the PBL code to be included.

John said they will simply do a Roll Call before it sails to make sure Stephanie has everyone's names and cabin numbers.

In the past, John has not been the Cruise Director....but he "says" that he will be on this one. Whether he is the CD or not, you will see A LOT of him. There are Blogger activities every night.

You will get a little gift in your cabin most nights. You will have a photo taken with John that is available for purchase.

On the Dream, John had me host Midnight Karaoke (which was a BLAST).

There are a couple of parties where you get free drinks.

Some of the activities take place later in the evening because this isn't a "chartered" cruise and Carnival obviously has to leave the normally scheduled events in place for the other guests.

I was one BC2 and BC3 (sadly we already had a cruise booked when BC1 came out that we could not change) is a blast!!

Marylovestocruise 09-03-2010 11:34 AM

You DID save me money. To the tune of $140. I booked the Early Saver for the best rate. Thank you so much -- I owe you one (or two)!


LHP 09-03-2010 12:28 PM


Originally posted by Marylovestocruise:
You DID save me money. To the tune of $140. I booked the Early Saver for the best rate. Thank you so much -- I owe you one (or two)!

There was A LOT of conversation about that....
and Carnival finally got their act together and allowed people to use the discounts they were entitled to.

You don't owe me a thing....knowing you will have a ton of fun is more than payment enough!!!

I will post on Cruise Chat when I hear that Stephanie has started "taking names" (sounds like elementary school) LOL

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