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UnHappyCustomer 03-18-2010 07:56 PM

This was me and my wifes first cruise. We've been lot's of places. We have to say this was one of the worse vacations we have ever been on. First is the close all hottubs at 10:30
After they were full of kids all day. Then our port of call was cancled and all we was refunded was $20.00 (what a ripoff) you don't think they mad a killing by keeping us on the boat gambling and drinking. We were aware of the gratuity of 10.00 a day. But we didnt know that you pay %15 on every beverage you get wether you get it or the bring it to you. And speaking on drinks while suning on the deck a waitress dumps a tray of drinks on me and my wife all we got was sorry not a towel or anything. The food was below fast food quality, burgers over cooked no taste, hot dogs were nasty, pizza was ok all you could drink was coffee,tea,milk or juices that taste terible. The best part was docking in Nassau and visiting Atlantis. I went to purchace a bottle vodka in the liquor store and was told they would deliver it to my room a 8pm that evening. This was at 1pm. my friend went to get one at4pm and the let him take his.(didnt understand that one) but i was over the boat and could not wat to get off the boat. I won't cruise with them again. and dont recommend it to anyone.

UnHappyCustomer 03-18-2010 08:19 PM

I for got to post the ship. Carnival Fscination out of Jacksonville

Dwayne 03-19-2010 06:30 PM

Sorry to hear of this unhappy experience. I cruised on the Fascination last November and had a wonderful time. Food quality is a very subjective thing. Yes, they typically only refund the port taxes and fees for missing a port. I've missed several over the years. It can be disappointing, but is something experienced cruisers expect as a possibility. I don't know about the vodka thing. When I've bought liquor in port or on board in the gift shop they've always delivered it the last evening of the cruise.


LHP 03-21-2010 06:01 PM

While we adore cruising, it really isn't for everyone.

I do wish to correct some bad information that the OP posted though.

Carnival does not make more money by missing a port. This is a common misconception.

The amount of money Carnival makes on shore excursions is much more than they would make on bar sales from 8AM - 4PM.

This is especially true if the port you missed was Half Moon Cay....since Carnival owns this entire all the money would have spent snorkeling, horseback riding, bar sales would have all gone to Carnival.

As a seasoned cruiser, I would also caution eliminating entire cruise lines based on one cruise.

Using this criteria, eventually you will no longer be able to cruise....because the same thing can happen on any cruise line and you will run out of cruise lines to sail.

If you want to go to a specific port, I would suggest flying there.

LisaP 03-21-2010 06:09 PM

This is precisely why we repeatedly state that no question is a silly question. Having expectations in line before anyone takes any type of vacation is key. We only wish that more new cruisers would find message boards such as this one before their cruises.

Other than that, I've nothing to add to the great responses above until the OP returns.

macmom111 03-21-2010 08:36 PM

the way I see it, it was the missed port and the added tips that made you unhappy with carnival. IF you were on another cruise line and missed a port the end results would have been exactly the same, exactly...a refund of the port fees.
if you were on another cruise line you would still pay the same tips, exactly the same.
maybe it is possible that cruising is just not for you folks. It happens..

Dwayne 03-21-2010 11:48 PM

This is an example of a new cruiser not asking questions here or another forum with helpful members first. Then they go on the cruise with the wrong expectations and/or didn't read the details of the ticket contract. Of course then the bad experience is posted here or on multiple forums.

All else I can say is when I went on my first cruise I didn't have this wealth of information available. It was a new adventure and learning experience for me and I loved it. It sorta stuck with me as my vacation of choice. Give me a Fun Ship Cheeseburger, a beer, and a view of the ocean and I am a happy soul. As has been said, it's not for everyone though.


UnHappyCustomer 03-22-2010 10:37 AM

Ok guys this is the deal i am the orignal poster of this forum. It wasn't just because we missed a port of call. You are wrong that the boat don't make money. Just think what they make just off the casino and drinks that they wouldn't have made without missing that port. Second the food was awful. Taco Bell would have been a step up. Well all i've to say is i could have went to VEGAS and had alot more fun for the money we spent on this cruise. At least in vegas you don't have to pay a %15 gratuity for a bottle of water that i got up and got myself. Besides they fail to mention the %15 on all beverages when telling you that grauities are $10.00 a day they never specify that is just for housekeeping. And speaking on gratuity i thought that was for good service. A server dumped drinks on us while on the deck and all we got was sorry. Anyway it was the worse vacation we've ever had. We'll take our money to vegas at least we have a choice there.

macmom111 03-22-2010 04:39 PM

going somewhere else other than a cruise might be a good idea for you. It is generally my observation that when people find everything about a cruise bad that cruising is just not for them. I would think that if everything was totally "bad" that there would have been other people complaining. I still think that cruising isnt for everyone and probably not for you.

LHP 03-22-2010 06:20 PM


Originally posted by UnHappyCustomer:
You are wrong that the boat don't make money. Just think what they make just off the casino and drinks that they wouldn't have made without missing that port.

Let me assure that I know exactly what I am talking about. Not only have we been with the cruise industry for 28 years, I am an accountant who has spoken at length about this very subject with a Carnival Cruise lines VP.

So please do not come on here with your one cruise experience and tell me that I am wrong.

You have no idea the amount of money made in shore excursions by Carnival.

And if the port you missed was Half Moon Cay, that is one of the ports that Carnival makes the most money on because they own the entire island. If you buy a drink on the island, you charge it to your sail and sign card because Carnival owns the bar.

If you snorkel, ride horseback, rent a is all through ship excursions.

Again, sorry you had a bad time...but facts are facts and your comment about the ship missing a port to make more money is ridiculous and totally false.

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