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Tracy1969 10-13-2006 06:07 AM

Hi All!

Well its a weel until we leave and I'm so excited! I do have a few questions for you all. Someone was saying there is an iron and ironing board on the ship for us to use at the Laundry stations. Is that correct on the Victory? I don't mind sending all my clothing out to the service, but I do like to iron and prefer to do stuff like that myself.

Ok to my big question. WE have been given this cruise as you all know. We are booked into an interior room on the 200 level. What I want to know is if we WANT to upgrade our room to something more spacious etc, higher up or with a balcony etc, AND the ship does have rooms available, are we allowed to pay the difference and get a new room? If so who do we see, when etc? Give me all the details. I believe I'm going to want a new room as we are on the bottom floor I believe. I would gladly pay for an upgrade. You know what? I e-mailed Carnival and asked them this question about 3 weeks ago and they never mailed me back. I'm more than willing to hand over my hard earned money but they didn't mail me back!! Kind of annoying!

Ok Can't wait to see the responses! Maybe I should call Carnival myself?

Cruise Specialist 10-13-2006 06:27 AM

Tracy, was your cruised booked directly through Carnival or through an agency? If it was through an agency Carnival will not speak to you about the booking, you will have to talk to the agent that booked it.

Now to your question: During the embarkation process at the port you can ask the person who checks you in if there are cabins available for an upgrade, if they cant answer you, go immediately to the Information desk once you board and you can ask there. If there are cabins available then yes you will probably be able to upgrade, but do keep in mind that it could be quite pricey depending on what is available.

If this was booked through an agent try calling them before you leave and get them to check on an upgrade for you, you might be able to take care of this before you even leave. If booked directly through Carnival, then call them and ask if there is availability to upgrade. They will take your payment by credit or debit card and give you the new cabin number, this way you can change the cabin number on your luggage tags before you even leave home. They will advise you to re-do your funpass and you will just take it with you to the port.

Hope this helps and good luck!!

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