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cajun cruiser 11-08-2007 08:05 AM

Just where in cabin (oceanview) is lone outlet located? I will bring extension cord/power strip.

gdjoslin 11-08-2007 08:16 AM

We have been on the Spirit and the Pride. In all the rooms it has been in the area of the TV, there is usually a dress/desk in the same location.
In this photo it is my the phone and below the TV.
BTW This is Cabin 8267 on the Spirit.
This is looking the other direction. It will be on your left.

Jim C. 11-08-2007 09:14 AM

Gary is correct. Every Carnival ship I have been on has had the outlet in the same location (which thanks to Gary's picture) by the phone. There is also a razor outlet in the bath room but it is only good enough for charging.

You don't really need an extension cord, just a multi outlet converter (or one of the short ext cords that has the multi outlet head on it. Then the only time you need that is if you want to charge your phone and camera at the same time.

april 11-08-2007 11:53 AM

Do you need an extention cord for using a hair dryer in the bathroom? or will the outlet in the bathroom work?

penny3333 11-08-2007 12:07 PM

The hair dryer is in the dresser drawer, at least on the ships I've been on.

Jim C. 11-08-2007 12:13 PM

The outlet in the bathroom can NOT run a hair dryer. They provide a hair dryer in the dresser drawer as Penny said, sometimes the cord will reach to the bathroom, but we usually just end up using the mirror there where the hair dryer is. IF you must be in the bathroom, then yes you would need an extension cord AND your own dryer as the one provided is "hard wired into the drawer. Actaully, this works better because then the second person can be showering while the other is drying.....

gdjoslin 11-08-2007 12:46 PM

We also take a small rug with us. I use a C-PAP while sleeping and we need to run an extension cored across the room, it helps avoid a trip hazard.

Dwayne 11-10-2007 08:43 AM

We took a multi outlet strip this time because we had 2 things to keep charged. Plus since we had an inside cabin we took a digital clock. I wake up sometimes in the inside cabins and don't know if it is night or day! Interesting observation though, the clock keeps perfect time at home, but on the ship it lost about 6 minutes per day.


cajun cruiser 11-10-2007 12:43 PM


Originally posted by penny3333:
The hair dryer is in the dresser drawer, at least on the ships I've been on.
Would you know if the Fantasy provides them?

gdjoslin 11-10-2007 01:45 PM

It surprises me , but it does not sound like it.
Check here.

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