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Lynn Barnette 02-22-2009 11:27 AM

I am just blown away by the number of people that have also been victims of CVC. Our situation seems to be a little different but a scam all the same.We purchased the CVC gold package-did not receive our contract upon disembarkment as promised(copier not available at purchase-stupid on our part).Have been fighting this company for 2 years for a copy on this contract.Recently requested to extend our membership as part of the perks of their wonderful package(my husband is active duty military and was unable to use to points due to service commitment)-Denied due to a 30 day request time period(supposedly stated in our contract we never recieved)My request was made 19 days before the contract expired.How in the world is a company like this allowed to continue in todays business with so many victims?Still going to fight them, any suggestions??

LHP 02-22-2009 04:56 PM

I can assure you that their legal contract is very well written.

All I can suggest is that you file a complaint with your State's Attorney General and the State Attorney General of the home office of ICE.

It does not cost you anything to file these complaints. Explain your situation in a well worded letter and see IF there is anything they can go.

Knowing how well ICE writes their contracts (they have been dealing with timeshares for years)...I doubt there is anything the AG can do. But at least you will create some paperwork that ICE will have to take the time to answer.

Good Luck.

Dwayne 02-22-2009 06:09 PM

LHP has given you some excellent advice. It is the consensus of the staff not to allow CVC topics. They have been talked to death here. They always seem to start out with a new member complaint post, and go down hill from there.

I'll close this one on positive helpful post.


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