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AlbanyHDTV 02-17-2009 06:18 AM

We will be taking our 9yr old daughter on the Carnival Miracle to the Eastern Caribbean in August 2009. I booked one of the aft suites with the wrap-around balcony.

My daughter will have her 10th birthday on the cruise. Is there anyone who has experience celebrating a birthday on a cruise? Will Carnival provide anything special...decorations, cake, etc?

This will be our second cruise (RC Explorer of the Seas in July 2008), but our daughter's first.

Recommendations on excursions in Grand Turk & Bahammas welcome, too. Thanks.

Jim C. 02-17-2009 07:08 AM

By all means, let the Head Waiter know what day her birthday is. They will bring a birthday cake and sing for her. They will make it special.

Other things you can do - pre order a birthday decoration for the cabin. They have them for all occasions, I am fairly certain they have one for brithdays (streamers, balloons etc...) And if you are planning on using camp carnival, let them know which day is her birthday and they will most likely do something for her also.

What a great birthday gift! Of course, you'll just end up making her a cruise junkie like the rest of us...

penny3333 02-17-2009 08:18 AM

Hi AlbanyHDTV, welcome to Cruise-Chat. What a fantastic birthday gift! I'm a whole lot older than your daughter, but still available for adoption Your daughter will love the Atlantis in Nassau, then you can go to the free beach (Cabbage Beach) that is adjacent to the Atlantis Property. There's a great beach right where you dock in Grand Turk, with some shopping as well. I think they have ATV excursions there as well. We did a great snorkel through the ship with 2 stops. One was for beautiful coral and the other was abundant fish, including the resident barracuda.

Congratulations on your upcoming cruise and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Dave 02-17-2009 09:03 AM

Are they still providing the cake for free? They show them on their website for $8 and delivery at the dinner table. Room decorations are $35.

The reason I ask is RCI doesn't give the cake out anymore. Not sure if Carnival has followed suit. On RCI they stick a decoration on a piece of standard issue dessert cake and sing for you, but if you want a special cake they ask for your cruise card.

Jim C. 02-17-2009 02:09 PM

I'm not sure Dave, our cake was 2 years ago. So it may be that they charge for it now. I'd still give them $8 for a cake.. sounds like a good deal.

Dave 02-17-2009 02:17 PM

It's probably up to the head waiter, or perhaps there are two types of cakes - a standard freebie or $8 for something a bit more fancy. They show two birthday cakes - vanilla with strawberry filling and chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.

BJC123 02-17-2009 08:29 PM

No free cake anymore for my BD in December, they just brought a piece of whatever cake was on the menu with a candle in it..didn't even sing! For Hubby's this past September, I bought one of the BD cakes from the formalities shop on board = order it at least the day ahead - it was $8 and boy was it terrific, really yummy-- and our waiters and couple from the ajoining area sang Happy Birthday.

Dwayne 02-18-2009 05:07 AM

Hi AlbanyHDTV, Welcome to Cruise-Chat. I'm not sure what they will do for free, other than singing for special occasions. By all means do as Jim suggested and tell the Head Waiter or Maitre'D. Also, make sure your travel agent has the special occasion noted on your booking.

They stopped the free cakes a few years ago. I didn't realize they upped the birthday cakes to $8. They were $5 when they first started charging for them.


AlbanyHDTV 02-18-2009 05:11 AM


Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Also, make sure your travel agent has the special occasion noted on your booking.
I booked myself directly on travel agent.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Dwayne 02-18-2009 05:18 AM


I booked myself directly on travel agent.
I've never used that system for booking. Do you recall if it had an option to enter special occasions? If not, call them up with your booking number and make sure it is noted.


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