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Old 06-15-2007, 08:46 AM
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Hello everyone! We are back from our cruise on the Celebration and Dave, we are HOOKED! My husband is already planning our next cruise.

We knew that the Celebration was one of Carnivals oldest ships and not as big as most of the others, but, this being our first cruise, it was plenty big for us. It may have not had the “WOW” factor when you entered the lobby area, but it is in immaculate condition and white glove clean.

The embarkation process was not as smooth as I had hoped it would be, but customs and Carnival kept the line moving as fast as possible.
We found our room, which was very nice. I have heard people say that the rooms on cruise ships are not big enough to turn around in. In our case, the room was plenty big enough. The bath was very small, but how much time do you want to spend in the bathroom anyway .

We were hungry enough to start chewing on the furniture by this time, so to the Lido deck we go.
Lido deck is where the pool and buffet are located. The food on the buffet left a lot to be desired, but like the comedians always said, “It’s free”. Anyway, they have burgers, hot dogs, fries, and a different theme each day, Italian, Mexican, ect. We did not do the Drink Card thing, you have to go to the bar to get the soft drinks, and they are always too busy serving the alcoholic drinks than to serve you, you have to wait too long for a Coke, then your food is cold. There is iced tea, not sweet enough for us southerners, but the fruit punch and lemonade were sweet and delicious. Tons of deserts, ice cream and frozen yogurt machines, and 24 hour Pizza, which was not Pizza Hut, but good.

There was always something for you to do onboard the ship, so you were hard pressed to be board. The first day they had a free liquor tasting!! It was so funny to see the little old ladies shooting shots of liquor. We saw a great show with the Celebration dancers and the comedians were side splitting funny. We also did some of the game show things like Millionaire and the Newlywed game (not to be missed!!).

Our cabin was always cleaned and stocked each time we returned to our cabin. Turn down service at night and the cute towel animals. The beds are SUPER comfortable and the pillows too!

We had a late seating for dinner in the Vista Dinning Room. Our waiters Senvil and Morty (we all called him that because he is from Bali and we could not pronounce any of his 4 names), they gave us top notch service and learned very quickly what each person liked and did not like. For instance, who liked tea to drink, or wine, or water. On the third night, Senvil gave everyone a dessert menu except for me. He came over to me and smiled and said, “Melting Chocolate Cake?” I had one every night!! The waiters put on a show for us on three nights and it was a blast! We had 3 other couples at our table and all were very nice and easy to talk to. We ended up hanging out with two of the couples most of the cruise. Breakfast in one of the dinning rooms was only served in the Horizon Dinning room and if the same waiters that we had for breakfast were the ones that served dinner, I feel sorry for the people who had to put up with utter rudeness and lack of personality that the waiters in that dinning room had.

First day in port, Freeport. One word, RAIN, and lots of it. We decided to go ashore anyway. We took a ‘taxi” to Lucya(sp?), and after kissing the ground after the taxi ride , we tried to do some shopping. It was raining so hard and we were so drenched, we decided after about an hour to go back to the ship. FYI, for the first time cruisers I will throw this little life lesson in. Taxi rides are $5.00 per person one way!! DO NOT let anyone tell you any different. We got in the taxi(which is a mini van in America) with 8 other people whom we did not know and we were taken to Lucya, shops and hotels and beach. The woman driving the taxi told us that it was $5.00 per person for the ride to Lucya, UNLESS we wanted her to come back and pick us up. In that case IF we ALL went back as a group, it would be $5.00 per person to take us back paid in advance, or IF we went back just two or four of us, it would be $25.00 per person paid in advance and we HAD to do one or the other or we would be stuck on the island and the ship would leave us behind. I could see all the other taxis waiting to take people back to the ship, so I knew that was BS, NO ONE said that they wanted her to come back for us. It is just sad to think of the people who fell for that as I am sure there have been.

The next day we were in Nassau, and as the ship was pulling into port, I looked out the window and what did I see, RAIN. But, we went ashore and went to Atlantis, which was breathtaking! After the rain stopped we finally got to see the blue water and had a blast. It was still cloudy, but we were in the Bahamas mon….
It is true what they say about the town closing down at 6:00pm. We did what little shopping we had time for and back to the ship it was. We came out of the straw market and were talking about finding a taxi(mini vans again) to take us back and a tour van was parked in front of us and the nice, well dressed man offered to take us back for the usual $4.00 per person. He took is on a mini-tour of the city on the way and explained what we were seeing, which he was in no way obligated to do. I put that in so the 1st timers would not think that everyone on the islands were rude and just trying to cheat you.

The last day at sea was fun, one big party at the pool. The hairy chest contest was hilarious. All kind of games in the main Lounge and sales in the shopping area. If you see something early in the cruise, WAIT to buy it, it will be half price by the end of the cruise!

Debarkation went smoother than embarkation, and then it was back to reality. I can see how it only takes one cruise to be hooked and we are!

I want to thank all of you for your advice. It makes the process more enjoyable when you have had input from experienced cruisers to guide you.

If anyone has any questions or comments, fell free.

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Old 06-15-2007, 09:00 AM
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Location: birmingham, al
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Carnival needs to stop serving that "melting chocolate cake". That stuff is like crack.
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Old 06-16-2007, 04:41 AM
LisaP's Avatar
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Welcome home, Cindy, and thank you for a great review. I loved the tips you included -- they're useful not only for first-timers, but for some of us veterans, too.

So... are you planning for the next one?
Happy cruising!
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Old 06-16-2007, 09:24 AM
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 59
I agree! That melting chocolate cake is addictive!
Yes Lisa, we are planning to go cruising again. I would love to go to Aruba or Cancun, but my husband wants to go to Hawaii. I can not find any cruises from the east coast to Hawaii, so I would say that I will win out on this one.
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Old 06-16-2007, 05:47 PM
getfuzzy's Avatar
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Location: Tennessee
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Hey, All!
We were on the same cruise. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Horizon Room. It was great! We had great waiters, so I am unsure as to the ones Snoop is speaking of. I can say that our wait staff were always on top of things and rudeness was never thought of. We purchased one Coke card for the bf. He always had ample time to pick up a Coke before lunch, or during. We found the bartenders to be quick and they knew what they were doing. I hate that you seemed to have difficulty with the Cokes, Snoop. We did purchase the card the second day for 16.50 instead of 30.00. We found most of the buffets to be quite adequate, but the Indian day was not that good, but that is based on personal tastes. I did love the chocolate melting cake. YUM! Addicted here. The comedian that was the first to perform was funny. The second guy was not funny at all and several people, including us, left about five jokes in. We played Bingo a lot and won a spa treatment and a bottle of champagne. I will have to say that leaving the ship was terrible. Next time, we are sitting our luggage outside the cabin door to be taken off so we don't have to lug the #@$% things around while everyone and their second cousing tries to get off the ship. I will have to say that the Captain's Cocktail Party was the best thing on the ship. We loved it. Seeing everyone dressed up and looking fine was great. The hors'dourves were good and the drinks were excellent. Someone who shall remain nameless had several whiskey sours. On formal night, most women opted for the little black dress, but some wore very nice dresses and pantsuits. The men, which the bf and I noted were all quite nice, wore dark suits, some with jackets and some without, some men opted for medium color kahkis with colored shirts. Everyone looked nice and everyone had a great time. We are already hooked on cruising for vacations from now on. We are already looking at one to Cozumel for an early December getaway. Oh well, everything was great and all had a wonderful time.
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Old 06-17-2007, 02:57 PM
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 59
I am sorry if I sounded kind of mean by saying that about the waiters Fuzzy. I guess it is like going to any restaurant, you have good waiters and bad and with me and my husband, if there are a hundred waiters woking and only one of them is not a "people person", then we will for sure get seated at that person's table.
The difficulty with the Coke Card, I was mainly speaking of the bar at the pool. We tried and tried the first day to get a card form them and they just let us stand there and stand there, so we just finally gave up, maybe we just hit them at a bad time or something. After we tasted the punch and lemonade at the buffet, we just decided to stick with that. I will say this, right beside our dinning room was like a piano bar/lounge. My husband is a smoker, so he and some couples from our table would go in there after dinner to smoke. They had the BEST Mudslides and getting a Coke from them would have been a breeze. So your first Coke Card was $30!?!?!

That first comedian that performed, did you go to the first show or the adult only show? The reason I ask is during his adult only show, he got heckled by this lady after telling some jokes about Pres. Bush. It was funny to see the two of them arguing! I don't say that because I am against Bush, I voted for him, both times, but this was a Comic show and she was as drunk as she could be. Her husband was trying to get her to be quiet and she just kept going and going. Did you get to see any of the shows?

Congrat's on winning Bingo, didn't you just love Weezie! How was your spa treatment? I bet it was to die for, you feel so pampered.

We missed the Captin's Cocktail Party, when was it?? We went to the Midnight Buffet though, did you? Did you guys get your picture taken on Formal night? I would love to see your pictures if you would post them. I will post ours as soon as my husband brings the CD back from work.
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Old 06-17-2007, 03:22 PM
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Hi Cindy!

Thanks for the great review. Sorry to hear that you had so much rain on your cruise, I know how that goes.

It sounds like you did quite well for your first cruise though.

And I can't wait for the Chocolate Melting Cake on my next cruise, I LOVE that stuff!! Always ask for double ice cream though!
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Old 06-24-2007, 03:35 PM
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Hey Snoop!,
You did not sound mean, I just wanted you to know that we had a great wait staff and we were in the Horizon Dining Room. Funny that you all seem to get the unfriendly waiters. Anyway, the Coke card we got was 16.50. It may have been that from the beginning. I am unsure. We just bought it the second day when the bf could not live without a Coke. I found the other drinks to be great, but I don't do much pop anyway. I went to the frist comedians first show. He was funny. We were out partying during the adult show. We watched both shows and they were great! We met one of the dancers, Reece, and found him quite entertaining. He was from New Zealand and looked like an elf. HA! Fun times! The bf said the sap was great. I just don't really care for spa treatments. I am not that keen on being touched. I am very ticklish. The Captain's Cocktail Party was on formal night. It was our favorite thing. Getting to see everyone all dressed up and looking ***y was quite a thrill. We had several photos taken. I looked drunk in most of them. The formal night photo was wonderful and I will try to post it ASAP! I can't wait to see yours.
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Old 06-25-2007, 01:51 PM
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Welcome back Snoop and Fuzzy. It sounds like you both had a great time. For your next cruise, go for a 7 day, it's so much fun. I prefer 10-14 day itineraries, that way you have enough time to relax as well as have fun. Disembarkation is always a bummer, I cry. The best way to cure the disembarkation blues is to book your next one. Y'all get busy!
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Old 06-25-2007, 08:04 PM
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Thanks for the great reviews from ya both. There is a difference in a 5 day regional and a 7 day. Have not been on any longer yet. As Penny said it is a bummer to leave in any case.

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