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4785axc 02-26-2008 01:09 AM

Im planning a cruise on the Millenium in november this year with the following itinerary:

auckland-tauranga-napier-wellington-lyttelton(christchurch)-port chalmers(dunedin)-milford sound-melbourne-sydney

has anyone ever made something like that???
what are your experiences???
which shore excursions are worth it????
how is the weather/climate in november-december????

thank you very much in advance

Cruise Fanatic 02-26-2008 05:57 AM

Australia is the only continent I haven't been to. I'm hoping to remedy that in the next year or so. So I can't address your questions on shore excursions, and ports. However; their seasons are opposite N. America so you will be in summer months for them. It should be a nice time.

Peterfrany 04-03-2008 03:14 AM

Hi there

I canīt help you with the Australian part of your cruise, but I can with the NZ part since I am a Kiwi, albeit now living in Spain.
The time of year you are going is the beginning of the summer over there. However, NZ has a very unpredictable weather system, because it is just a couple of small islands in the middle of almost nowhere. For this reason you can get four seasons in one day! This of course doesnīt happen every day but it is common.
However, it is the most beautiful country and the people are very friendly. I donīt know what excursions you are being offered but the scenery all over the country is just lovely. Hopefully there will be an excursion to the Southern Alpes, and to the lakes in the south island too. Dunedin in a very pretty city. Itīs where I was brought up so I have a soft spot for it. Iīm sure youīve been looking on the internet to see what else there is.
Hope this is a help. Iīm so envious of you with this cruise!

winddanceroz 04-03-2008 05:14 PM

G'day mate, Well i havnt cruised in OZ befor,or anywhere for that mater, but i can tell you that november and decemeber are the hottest months in Australia Temps of 40C plus[110F] and at night its in the 20s [50s] and it can get quit humid. of course this is the extremes its not always that hot but is very commen. It can also be quit stormy at that time of year. But i'm from Queensland so as you go south the climate does change. Melbourne can get 4 seasons in 1 day so have a coat ready just in case. Looking at the tours the cruise is offering if you have time i'd definitly do the blue mountain tour. OH and of course if your a sports fan a day of watching the Aussie cricket team cant be beat.
i hope this is in some way helpful
Regards Wayne.

Flea 04-13-2008 08:44 PM

Sounds like a great trip!! I am from Melbourne and the last poster is true about Melbourne weather, we can get four season in one day. It depends on what part of November you are going to be here though. It should be warm but not too hot in early November, but get warmer late November. But as suggested before be prepared for anything!!!! As for the shore excursions, if you want to see some Australian wildlife, then definitely take the trip to Healseville Sanctuary, it's fantastic!! The Aquarium is also excellent. If you want to see some wonderful scenery, you can't beat the trip down the Great Ocean Road.
Have a wondeful trip!!!

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