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Daisy142 09-20-2009 06:29 PM

To those of you who have traveled on Solstice before....
Are any toiletries(shampoo, soap, etc.) provided in the cabin? Also, is there a hair dryer in the cabin?
Any helpful info. on the restaurants will be appreciated. I have heard that Tuscan Grill is good, but one has to reserve far ahead. Does this restaurant cost extra? Is it really good? Which of the restaurants cost extra and how much do they cost?
Thanks for any information. I have not cruised before.

penny3333 09-21-2009 09:37 AM

Hi Daisy142, welcome to Cruise-Chat. We'll be on the Solstice in December, not sure when you're cruising. There are hair dryers in the cabin, toiletries will be provided. The charges for the specialty restaurants are: Tuscan $25/pp, Silk Harvest $20/pp, Murano $30/pp. Dave was on the Equinox, but I can't remember if he ate in any of the specialty restaurants. I'm not sure that we will, I've heard the food in the dining room is spectacular. You can reserve the specialty restaurants on-line, if you'd like. If you're sailing before we are, please let us know how you enjoyed the Solstice. If you're sailing after, we'll let you know as much as we can when we return. Best wishes!

Dave 09-21-2009 10:06 AM

I ate in Blu. The meal was very nice, but I preferred the dinner we had in the main dining room. It was just two meals so I am not making a blanket comparison. After all it was the naming ceremony so we had a special menu for the dining room that night.

Celebrity's food is all great. Buffet, outdoor grill, dining rooms, etc. It's the little things that matter sometimes, and on the Solstice class even the pizza ovens are special (for a ship). They use brick ovens so the crust gets those tasty little burn marks like a real NY city pizzeria. A palate cleanser of sorbet is served between dinner courses. Freshly dipped ice cream cones for free at the buffet. Another place with gelato ($). It is really something.

If you are in an Aqua Class cabin you get a high-end shower (lots of water jets), pillow menu, scent choices for the cabin, and a big selection of lotions and oils.

You have picked a wonderful ship for a first cruise. In fact, you might be spoiling yourself if you cruise on lesser ships in the future!

janfred 09-21-2009 05:39 PM


We ate in Blu, Main Dining room, Murano and Tuscany Grill. I loved it all but Murano and Tuscan Grill were very special to me and it is worth at least trying 1. I would have to say maybe Tuscan Grill was my favorite. I loved it all, Bistro on 5 had wonderful Crepes $5 cover. You can eat your way around that ship and be happy everytime !!! We booked ahead of time, no problem. ENJOY

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