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Nadine 02-09-2011 07:59 AM

B2B question
We are doing our first b2b cruise on the Eclipse beginning next week. I asked a person at Celebrity about the procedure for a b2b and she said our cabin attendant would explain it to us. Fine, but I kind of like to know ahead of time.

We will have the same cabin for both cruises. She said we can leave our belongings in the cabin when we debark (I hope that's the right word). But, where do we go while waiting to board the ship again? How long is the wait? Will we be in a special area with other people doing b2b?

Thank you!


Sonny V 02-09-2011 09:49 PM

Yes, it was the right word about leaving your belongings in your stateroom. You will be given a designated area to meet with all of the other people doing a B2B--it's usually around 10am after all the passengers have disembarked. Before you meet you will already have your new seapass card for the next cruise. You will all be taken off the ship and brought right back on. As you're boarding the ship you will have your picture taken with your seapass card just like you did the week before. The whole process should take around a half hour. You'll get plenty of instructions from the staff the day before. You'll be able to go right to your stateroom if you want. I'll be on the Allure when your on your first cruise. I wish I was doing a B2B like you. Having the same cabin makes it a lot easier when you do a B2B. We did a B2B2B in December and had 3 different cabins.

Have a wonderful cruise!


Nadine 02-10-2011 08:41 AM

Thank you Sonny. It doesn't sound too complicated. I just couldn't picture how all of this was going to happen.

We have friends who will be on the Allure at the same time as you. In fact, they are doing a b2b. They invited us to go with them, but it was very costly, so we declined. Then, a couple weeks ago, we decided what the heck let's do it. By then we couldn't get outside balconies. And that's why we are on the Eclipse instead of the Allure! It will still be great, but would rather be with our friends. Also could have met you!!

Have a great cruise and thanks again for the info.


Sonny V 02-11-2011 08:43 AM

We're sailing alone too. I know what you mean about sailing with friends. However, I haven't been on a cruise that we haven't met new friends. Our very best friends are from New York, and we met them on the Jewel of the Seas 5 years ago.


Nadine 02-11-2011 11:05 AM

You are right. We have met so many nice people on each cruise. We met a couple from Wisconsin on our cruise in 2004 and have become good friends. In 1991 we cruised for the first time and met a couple from England. We have exchanged Christmas cards ever since.

The fun thing about cruise friends, whether new friends or traveling buddies, is that they understand our cruise addiction!


Nadine 03-06-2011 04:52 PM

Sonny, the b2b procedure went just as you said. In fact, the hostess said it went even smoother than usual.

It was such fun NOT to pack suitcases on that first Friday night when everyone else was busy packing. But the nicest part was on Saturday when there were only about 40 of us on the whole ship! All the others had left and the new group hadn't arrived. Don and I sat at the back of the ship and relaxed in peace and quiet. Very nice!

We had the best stateroom attendant ever and were glad to enjoy his company for two weeks.

It was just a neat experience!


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